Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday Talk & Weekend Recap

This weekend was busy, yet a lot of fun! So, we'll just jump right into it....shall we!?

Friday night: We were invited to hang out with a couple friends of ours for a pizza & game night. We stopped at Sonic on the way and treated ourselves to Route 44's! Cherry Coke Zero for me & Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper for him. We arrived early and had to wait on our other friend who is always "fashionably" late, as she had the pizza! Needless to say by the time she arrived, we were starving! We completely devoured 2 whole pizzas, just the 4 of us. After we finished eating, my friend Evan asked us to play Cranium. None of us had played it before,  but him, so we played the first half completely wrong because the guys were in charge of directions and neither one of them would actually read them! Once we got going us girls were losing BAD, but somehow made a comeback and beat those boys! We laughed till we cried playing this game, it was so much fun! 

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Saturday: My mom had been wanting to venture to Amish country about a hour and a half away from home for quite some time, so we decided why not finally go? My mom had mentioned this restaurant called Bread of Life,Cafe so we decided to give it a try. All I had to tell the hubby was that they had a buffet & he was in. Ha! This place was so cool! They actually were voted 2015 Best in Kentucky Winner for non franchise restaurant by Kentucky Living Magazine! Their story is nothing short of a tear jerker. Here's a brief summary: 

The story of the Bread of Life CafĂ© didn’t start with our famous, homemade rolls or our affordable prices – it actually began with one couple’s love for children.
Early in the marriage, Jerry & Sandy Tucker desperately wanted to start their family. Doctors said they had a one-in-a-million chance of having a baby. That prognosis launched a journey of adoption, two miracle, biological daughters, and a ministry giving children of all ages a place to call home over the next 40 years . . . and counting.

The food was amazing! Everything was home made even down to the dressings for your salad. To say I left there needing a pair of yoga pants was an understatement! 

After we left the cafe we ventured around Amish Country some & decided to venture our way back towards home. I mentioned that there was a new distillery called Wilderness Trail Distillery open in Danville, KY, which happened to be on our way home so we decided to stop and check it out. We arrived in the latter part of the afternoon, close to their closing time, but they were more than happy to give us a tour of their facility and do a tasting! They are still relatively brand new so they didn't have any bourbon for us to try, however we did get to try their Rum & Vodka. Here's a sneak peek, but I'll share more of our adventure there in  another post! 

After we left there we headed home for a quiet evening. The hubby & I watched a movie, Vacation, to be exact and called it an early night! 

Sunday: The hubby and I ventured up to northern Kentucky to meet a friend of ours for lunch at Hog Wild Pig Crazy BBQ place that's right next to a truck stop we used to stop at quite often. Their food is great & they are even featured in the book "Kentucky Back Road Restaurant Recipes."  I always have the pulled chicken with their mild BBQ sauce!

After we had lunch we ventured up to the farm where our friend had to load cattle later on that afternoon. He & Don stood around talking while I became friends with "Rover." He doesn't look like a Rover, does he? That's what the farmer said his name was. Ha! He was the friendliest little critter! Well, I guess he's not very little...he was pushing about 900lbs, but nonetheless! 

Until next time, Rover.....

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Galentine's Blogger Gift Exchange


Good Monday Morning!

I'm a few days late on posting my goodies that I received for the Galentine's Blogger Exchange, but nevertheless here I am! :). The lovely Olya & Mattie hosted this exchange!

First off, I sent Audrey @ Life as Louise her package. You can see what I got her by going & checking out her page! I'm so thankful hers showed up on time as when I ordered it the northeast was about to get hammered with a snow storm & it gave me a warning that it may be late arriving!

My gifts arrived from the lovely Emily @ Everyday Accounts. I loved every thing she got me! It's as if we've been friends for a long time, because every gift she got me was SO perfect! I loved that she actually looked at my wish list & the list of things that I love! So, thank you Emily!

The first thing she got me was this AMAZING bag of coffee! My husband calls me a coffee snob, I can't and won't drink the cheap stuff, like Folgers, Maxwell House, etc. I can't stomach it. I love a good cup of coffee! I always go to new coffee shops when I can when we are out and about travelling. This coffee you guys, is seriously delicious! Hence, why it's not in a group picture with all the other goodies! Ha! I had to dig right into it immediately! It's so incredibly smooth! I definitely have to see if they will ship to Kentucky!

The second thing she got me was this book that I've been eyeing for quite some time! One night when I couldn't sleep I was browsing Pinterest and discovered the danish way of living, Hygge. Well, I was instantly curious and sucked in quickly! When I found out that there was a book about this, I had to have it! Needless to say when I opened my box and saw this in there I was so excited!!

The third item she got me was this lovely candle! I'm a lover of candles and you can always find me burning a few at a time in my house. This one smells incredible! My husband even loved the smell of this candle! I also loved that these are made by another blogger! And isn't the jar its poured in absolutely adorable!? I love it! 

And lastly, the bright & cheery card she sent along with it! I couldn't love my gifts more than if I picked them out myself! Thank you so much, Emily!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thankful Thursday

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This week I have found myself worrying over little things and stressing about things that I really can't control. Ya know, just life in general. I was reminded that things can always be much, much worse. So, we all should be thankful each and every single day. I know that some days I have to dig really deep to think of one thing & others I'm overflowing with gratitude. 

1). This beautiful Kentucky weather! It has been in the 70's ALL week and literally has me itching for spring time to get here quickly! The hubby and I have taken FULL advantage of it by grilling out, playing outside with the dogs and taking long country drives! It's amazing what sunshine and warm weather does for your soul. 

2). Friends! I spent last weekend having a girls night with some friends & the next day we got invited to hang out with a couple that we're friends with. We ate lunch, did some shopping & then went back and hung out at their house. It was definitely a nice break from the monotony. 

3). Happy Mail! I got a card from a friend,  A letter in the mail & a package for a Blog Gift Exchange I participated in all this week!! I forget sometimes how much a handwritten letter or card can brighten up my day! 

What are you thankful for this week? 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

President's Day Adventure

Since we were off on President's Day & the hubby is fairly new to Kentucky, I thought we should go on a little President's Day themed KY adventure.

The weather was a beautiful 70* with bright blue skies, so we took off on a little drive that ended with us at Lincoln Homestead State Park. I stumbled upon this park a few years ago but never really took the time to really browse around. It's quite small, yet packed full of history.

THE LINCOLN CABIN The Lincoln Cabin is a replica of the log home in which President Lincoln’s grandmother, Bersheba, lived and raised her three sons Mordecai, Josiah, and Thomas and her two daughters Mary and Nancy.  The widow Lincoln brought her children to Beech Fork several months after the death of her husband, Captain Abraham Lincoln, who was killed by Indians at their Long Run Farm in Jefferson County.  Thomas Lincoln, father of the President, lived here until he was 25 years old.  The cabin is furnished in pioneer style.  Several pieces of furniture made by Thomas Lincoln are preserved here, including a corner cupboard.  The bed is also thought to have been made by Thomas.

THE FRANCIS BERRY HOUSE The large, two‐story log home of Francis Berry is original and was moved to the park from the Beechland section about a mile away.  The Berry house was closely associated with the Lincoln family.  Richard Berry, Sr., a native of Virginia, moved to Kentucky about 1785.  His wife Rachel Shipley was the sister of Lucy Shipley, who married a Hanks.  Lucy Shipley was the mother of Nancy Hanks, who became the wife of Thomas Lincoln.  Nancy lived with Richard and Rachel Berry until Rachel died.  She then moved to the Berry house on Beech Fork to live in this home when she was courted by Thomas Lincoln.  Thomas is said to have proposed to Nancy in the living room before the fireplace.  This home is furnished with pioneer relics of the Lincoln era.

After we walked around the park we ventured on into town before heading home. We stumbled upon this statue that took us about 3 drives around the block to get a decent picture of, because the stop light just wouldn't stay RED!

If you're ever in Springfield, KY you should definitely take a stop at this park. I definitely would love to go back when they're open to browse through the homes and the museum. For now, it was a fun way to spend President's Day and enjoy a little Kentucky Scenery. 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday Talk & Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday!

Friday: The hubby & I stayed busy all day! We had to run quite a few errands and realized at 2 pm we still hadn't eaten for the day! My stomach was screaming at me! We decided to stop and have Gyros at a little local joint here in town. I wasn't that hungry, but he was and they always give you a TON of food for cheap!

Of course I had to snap a selfie of us before we went out! Oh & why can't my hair actually cooperate this good EVERY day! LOL!

Friday night a friend of mine was hosting an essential oils class, so my mom & I ventured out to that. They had it at a local Salon, and had a cute spread of wine, cheese & snacks! There weren't very many ladies that showed up but we all had a good time! We actually were able to learn more about EO's (Which I'm obsessed with btw) and just were able to sit and visit! My friend actually texted me later that evening after I got home and said how much she enjoyed just sitting around and chatting!

Saturday I went & met up with a friend of mine from high school! It was so great to sit and catch up! We met up at a local coffee shop in town. I actually got there about 30 minutes early and was able to grab a table by a corner window and just enjoy some quiet time. I'm wondering why I don't go there more often. I need to! It would be a great place to work or just to relax. 

I had the Honey Bee Latte! Love that the barista drew a little honey bee on my cup! 

The rest of the day we didn't do much at all. We did some things around the house, made a trip to Lowe's & did our grocery shopping for the week.  

Sunday: we didn't leave the house all day! It was so relaxing! I cleaned out my closet again, and got rid of 3 more bags of clothes! I don't know how I accumulated so much crap!: 

We ended up finishing Crown on Netflix. Has anyone else watched it? We were so obsessed and then it just ended leaving us hanging! I really hope that there is another season! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Weekend Recap

Why, hello there! We're halfway through the week & I'm just now posting our weekend recap. Oops!

Friday night we stayed in & had a movie night. We've discovered the app "Showbox", have any of you tried it out? It has TONS of movies (some of which are still in theaters) as well as TV shows! It's also free, so win, win! We watched Jack Reacher. Neither one of us had seen it, and we were pleasantly surprised.

Saturday: We didn't do much. We had some errands we needed to run, but other than that we just enjoyed a quiet day at home.

Sunday: It was such a pretty day! The sun was finally shining and it was in the 60's! We took advantage of the pretty weather and went for a long drive down the back roads. We used to do it quite a bit last fall and haven't really done it much since. The other day the husband told me that he missed our long drives where we would turn the radio up, or just talk. We ended up in Lexington, and we were starving! We wanted to try out this new BBQ joint that we thought had opened but it appears we were 3 days too early :(. There was a restaurant across the street from it and the hubby asked if I had eaten there. I said, no. Actually, I had never even heard of it. So, off we went to check it out! It was called BRU Burger Bar. It's exactly what it sounds like, a burger bar. Or, more like a gourmet burger bar. They have SO many different options to choose from. I do love that you're able to substitute chicken, turkey burger, or veggie burger in place of beef. Also, their burgers are made with ground chuck, brisket & sirloin. When we ordered they suggested that we order our burgers cooked like we like our steaks.

I chose the Provencal Burger. It was a burger topped with basil aioli, marinated red onions, herbed goat cheese & sauteed mushrooms. It was so delicious! The marinated red onions along with the goat cheese...was a match made in heaven!

Don had the Honey Chipotle BBQ Burger. It was topped with bacon, caramelized onions, white cheddar, onion ring, bbq pulled pork and their house made Black Pepper Mayo. It was huge, as you can see! It was so delicious! We also got a side of fries to split & they were perfectly seasoned along with just the right amount of crunch. They also make their own ketchup in house every single day, and it was delicious! I don't think it'll ever be the same eating ketchup out of a bottle again!

Of course Sunday evening we watched the Superbowl! Wasn't that game crazy!? I was rooting for the Falcons, just simply because I am not a Patriots fan. Actually, I'm not a Brady fan. However, I have to give it to them. They played one heck of a game! The Falcons just seemed to fall apart, and fall apart quickly! I did enjoy the halftime show! I thought Lady Gaga nailed it! Was anyone else disappointed in the commercials? There was one or two that I thought were cute, but they just didn't seem to be as great as they have been in years past.

After the super bowl we decided to venture to the grocery store. We attempted it earlier in the day but it was a MADHOUSE and we said, no thank you! Thankfully at 10pm, 90% of the people were not at the grocery, so shopping went off without a hitch :).

Happy Thursday, friends!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Travel Tuesday: Nasa Houston Edition

Facebook memories & a chat with a friend last week inspired this post. She said, that I needed to write a blog about our adventures. She's right. It's something I've talked about doing for the past year but never took the time, so now is better than never, right? 

The husband & I have been extremely blessed to travel the past couple years. We literally got paid to travel the United States. No, seriously! We did! We hauled cattle & lived in a semi (18 wheeler) full time for a year and a half. There were times that it was difficult, times that it was seriously a blast & times that you just wanted to crawl in a hole and click your heels in hopes it would return you back home. Being out on the road is so much fun, but it's not always a bouquet of roses. I've decided to share our travel stories throughout this blog, for my record and to read back on & well... for you all to hopefully enjoy!

A year ago:

We had just delivered a load to Spring, TX the night before, one that we were so thankful to be done with. We were already under a time crunch & well the GPS definitely wasn't playing in our favor. It was nearly 5 am when the GPS decided to send us a "short cut." & I guess that a short cut is fine if you're not in a semi. This short cut was right smack dab into an unsafe part of the neighborhood. There were individuals sitting out on their porches "smoking", climbing up on the side of our steps asking for money & attempting to look into our truck. It's one of those hit the locks, hold onto the "oh shit handle" - really not sure what I thought that was going to do for me & pray that we can get the hell out of there. The poor hubby was having to attempt to back us out of there because there was no going down to the next street and turning around. Luckily we managed to get out safe & sound, and lived to tell another adventure. 

With that being said, we were definitely over due for a mini vacation or day off after that ordeal. We always love looking for things to do around the area if we have a bit of down time, especially if it's somewhere that we've not been. 

Well, we found NASA! The Houston Space Center to be exact! We dropped our cattle trailer and rolled right up in there, in the semi! I mean they had bus & RV parking, so we were allowed too, right? 

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I was in complete awe of this place. I've always been fascinated with space in general so I was like a kid in a candy store. There was SO much information to digest & pieces of NASA history to look at. It was incredible. I definitely would love to visit again as I'm sure that I wasn't able to see it all. I'll let the rest of the pictures do the "talking."

This was definitely a great trip! If you've been to NASA, what was your favorite part?  

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