Friday, September 19, 2008

Alvin the Chipmunk

Alvin the Chipmunk, has entered the building!! Okay, so now I'm probably being presumed as a little "crazy"...that's okay I like crazy!!!
This morning I was sitting at work, and I work at a State Horse Park the weather was cool and crisp so I decided to have the front door open. Well suprisingly enough, a chipmunk ran in our office!!
Those little creatures are sneaky!!! He ran into every office in the building and then ran by the refrigerator where he hid between the wall and the fridge!! Now what do we do!?
!My boss & I tried to break off a rice cake (although I think those things are disgusting, so I don't know why he'd like those)...but anywho he took it back into his little corner and hung out.
6 hours later, the little man finally decided to venture out and we were finally able to "scoot" him out the door.
Haha the excitement for a Friday morning!! :)
Hope everyone has a good one!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who I Am

Who I am
Very raw and to the core
Honesty is brutal
Something you covet
Yet when offered
You discard
Authentic and true
Alter myself
For your acceptance
Will not transpire
My soul is at peace
Self acceptance
Established at last

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Today was my Mom's Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Mom!!

Me and her had a girls night together!!! I love those, they are simply the best!
I took her to dinner, that's what she wanted. I also gave her a book of my poetry I have written. She absolutely loved that!!! Considering she didn't even know that I wrote.

We did some shopping!!! Now who can go wrong with that, right?!?
I bought 3 books, YAY for me! I'm a complete book worm, and have probably way TOO many books that I haven't even read, but hey what's a few more to add to the list "To Be Read".

Also, found the movie "Into the Wild", that I was telling you about the other day, that I completely love!!! So when I saw it on sale, I just had to snag it!

And then bought a couple cd's. As well as my mom one too!
Have any of you heard of KT Tunstall? I absolutely love her music. She's brilliant. Just watching her play music live, is astonishing. If you haven't seen her, youtube her!! I'm sure you'll love her!

So now i'm relaxing, reading some blogs, listening to my tunes and watching Pretty Woman on tv. *Love this movie*.......

Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday Evening! :).

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adventures of Coming Home

So I felt like it took me a million years to get home. Walked outside and literally it started torentially down pouring!!! Not that I'm complaining we need the rain, ( Okay yes I am complaining). Couldn't it of least waited untill I get home. I had errands to run. And frankly, I do not like "running" them in the pouring rain!!

The interstate, well people do not know how to drive when it rains! It's like a free for all to see who can die first. So for the "smart " people driving like sane human beings the speed limit was a mere 35 mph. Insane right? I already live like 35 minutes away from work....ahh this was going to take me forever to get home.

Well much to my surprise, I finally come to my exit and it hasn't rained a drop. Please tell me, how is this possible?? Weather is definitely not my forte, not that I ever claimed for it to be!

A good friend called as I'm getting off the interstate, I miss her ( She Moved to Minnesota)...maybe I shall have to make a roadtrip up there soon! Well I either better hurry or wait till it's spring again, I really don't want to fight with snow up to my knees! Anywho, it was great to talk with her! Trying to get down main street in my city is nearly impossible at rush hour, since they thought it would be a brilliant idea to make two lanes each way and reduce it to one lane each way. What were they thinking?? Ahh finally made it to my destination.

On my way home I suddenly realize my gas gauge is on "E"....I'm not going to make it home. Crap!! And can I just say while I'm on my venting marathon, that I absolutely hate paying the ridiculous gas prices these days!!! They jumped 20 cents overnight, in fear of "IKE". Freakin Hurricane! That's another blog in itself.

Okay enough of my ranting and venting. I'm at home now, obviously. How else would I be typing this blog? Hmm....maybe I have super powers! *haha*. I'm watching Rachel Ray - she's quite fabulous! I wonder how that woman comes up with all these fab recipes and cooks them in 30 minutes. She makes it look so easy. And she's making me hungry. Off to find dinner!!

I shall return. Thanks for listening :).

Peace & Love

Gas Prices....WTF?!?

Completely disgusted!! That would be my mood at this very moment.

Why, you may ask?? Well to I'm sure all of your knowledge, there is a hurricane headed straight for Texas. "Ike"....oh what a name! Please anyone whom may be in this hurricane's path, stay safe and get out of harms way.

Now back to my point...*sorry*

Last night, my gas tank was on "E". Yes, I was venting about paying such a high amount for gas prices....but now today I'm sitting here thankful that I filled up my tank when I did. Why?

Well let's just say that the lovely state of Kentucky that I live in has decided it would be a wonderful idea to gouge Gas Prices and they jumped a $1.00 a gallon!!!!!

Yes you read this correctly, gas prices are now a lovely $4.75 a gallon!!!! Excuse me, we aren't even in Texas, not even in the hurricanes path, and yet you still believe we should *jack* prices up to an insanel ridiculous amount!?!

Yes, here is now where I could go on about our lovely government, and be all political, but nope i'm not touching that subject. We i'm sure, all have our feelings and opinions about that.

The fact of the matter is, what is this world coming to?!? Individuals are now being forced to think, do I want food on the table, or do I want to be able to have money for gas to put in my tank so I can get back and forth to work.

I myself am completely appalled! How are the gas prices where you live?

I think now, I would like to have back the $3.75 gallon I can honestly say that I never thought I'd be wishing for that in my lifetime.

~Peace out~

L.A. Ink

Tattoos are incredibly sexy to me, on men that is.But I have to admit...that Kat Von D is quite glamorous with all of her artwork...something that alot of us aren't able to pull off! And might we add, incredibly talented.
Anywho...So anyone other than me, find tattoos appealing??
As far as mine, I'm contemplating boxing gloves to symbolize (FIGHTER) with the cancer survivor ribbon entertwined!! Original, unique, and completely ME!
What do you think?? This post is completely random, just thought i'd share a little side of me not known!
Feel free to throw your thoughts in there as well!
As far as Kat Von rock chick!


September 11th 2001
Oh how this day in our lives must live on
For thousands of souls forever lost
Freedom and liberty - how high the cost.

Over You

The title says it ALL! I'm over you, completely, I don't want you in my life. You caused enough heartache and strife to last a lifetime, and just when I think that you are completely gone you reappear. What am I talking about you may ask? My ex, decided to text me this weekend. Telling me he missed me, that he had "changed", his life was on track, etc. I really hope that this is the case for his sake, he needed to do something with himself. He said, "I miss you, i've been thinking about you, i want you back in my life.". NO, that will NEVER happen!!!! Yes at times, I miss the godo times that we had together, you were a part of my life for almost 2 years, but I do NOT miss the things that you did to me, the things I went through because of you, the person that I became. I didn't text him back in hopes that he would "dissappear". Well I guess my wish wasn't granted, as he texted me again this morning, saying Hope you have a Wonderful Day, call me sometime. I miss you.If anyone has ever heard the song "Over You" by sums up everything I'm trying to say!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Believe

I believe in life and

in love

I believe laughter is the best medicine

I believe life doesn't turn out as always expected

and late nights produce the best memories

I believe anything is possible and

dreams are the passage to our heart

I believe life is as beautiful as one makes

and I believe in me!