Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adventures of Coming Home

So I felt like it took me a million years to get home. Walked outside and literally it started torentially down pouring!!! Not that I'm complaining we need the rain, ( Okay yes I am complaining). Couldn't it of least waited untill I get home. I had errands to run. And frankly, I do not like "running" them in the pouring rain!!

The interstate, well people do not know how to drive when it rains! It's like a free for all to see who can die first. So for the "smart " people driving like sane human beings the speed limit was a mere 35 mph. Insane right? I already live like 35 minutes away from work....ahh this was going to take me forever to get home.

Well much to my surprise, I finally come to my exit and it hasn't rained a drop. Please tell me, how is this possible?? Weather is definitely not my forte, not that I ever claimed for it to be!

A good friend called as I'm getting off the interstate, I miss her ( She Moved to Minnesota)...maybe I shall have to make a roadtrip up there soon! Well I either better hurry or wait till it's spring again, I really don't want to fight with snow up to my knees! Anywho, it was great to talk with her! Trying to get down main street in my city is nearly impossible at rush hour, since they thought it would be a brilliant idea to make two lanes each way and reduce it to one lane each way. What were they thinking?? Ahh finally made it to my destination.

On my way home I suddenly realize my gas gauge is on "E"....I'm not going to make it home. Crap!! And can I just say while I'm on my venting marathon, that I absolutely hate paying the ridiculous gas prices these days!!! They jumped 20 cents overnight, in fear of "IKE". Freakin Hurricane! That's another blog in itself.

Okay enough of my ranting and venting. I'm at home now, obviously. How else would I be typing this blog? Hmm....maybe I have super powers! *haha*. I'm watching Rachel Ray - she's quite fabulous! I wonder how that woman comes up with all these fab recipes and cooks them in 30 minutes. She makes it look so easy. And she's making me hungry. Off to find dinner!!

I shall return. Thanks for listening :).

Peace & Love

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