Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Today was my Mom's Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Mom!!

Me and her had a girls night together!!! I love those, they are simply the best!
I took her to dinner, that's what she wanted. I also gave her a book of my poetry I have written. She absolutely loved that!!! Considering she didn't even know that I wrote.

We did some shopping!!! Now who can go wrong with that, right?!?
I bought 3 books, YAY for me! I'm a complete book worm, and have probably way TOO many books that I haven't even read, but hey what's a few more to add to the list "To Be Read".

Also, found the movie "Into the Wild", that I was telling you about the other day, that I completely love!!! So when I saw it on sale, I just had to snag it!

And then bought a couple cd's. As well as my mom one too!
Have any of you heard of KT Tunstall? I absolutely love her music. She's brilliant. Just watching her play music live, is astonishing. If you haven't seen her, youtube her!! I'm sure you'll love her!

So now i'm relaxing, reading some blogs, listening to my tunes and watching Pretty Woman on tv. *Love this movie*.......

Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday Evening! :).

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