Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Perception leads to judgment. A first impression. We all are guilty of this, but yet where does it take us in reality?

It's funny how the world seems to perceive one another. I have often wondered how people perceived me as? Their first general impression of me. I found this out, not too long ago, and was interested to see, that it was completely off base.

I was told not too long ago, that you perceived me as a person that needed to loosen up, live life. All because i'm not an incredibly open individual right away, I keep up my guard. A few weeks have passed, and your perception of me has completely changed. You are an amazingly passionate woman..... so much thats hidden from the world..... its crazy.Nobody would ever imagine. Isn't it funny, how an impression can change in such a short matter of time, by only just listening and learning about one another. I guess it's like the old saying, Don't judge a book by it's cover.

My first impression of you, was one that was "cocky, had a one track mind, and very bold and powerful". Now I'm not sure about anyone else, but those 3 combinations are definitely not ones that I would want in someone, I'm contemplating on getting to know. Something about you, drew me in, and oh how completely off base I really was. You aren't cocky, you're confident. Such a great way to be! Confidence is so rare to find these days, and yet so appealing in my eyes. One track mind, oh how wrong I was. There's more to you than definitely meets the eye. You are such an intelligent man, with such a depth of knowledge on topics of a vast degree. Your thirst for knowledge, is sexy. Bold & powerful - defines only the top layer of your individuality.

My first impression of you, almost kept me away.

Kept me away from great conversations...

Endless laughter...

Someone to confide in....

Someone who is non judgmental...yet accepts me for who I am...

Perception leads to judgment, in reality where does this take us?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The thought of being alone I think frightens some more than others. Why is that? Is it the fear of spending the rest of their life with just themselves and their surroundings that they've created thus far?

When I hear someone talk about how they are scared to spend the rest of their life alone, or that it worries them to no end, it saddens me a great deal. My belief is that you have to be completely at peace with yourself and love
YOU before you can even begin to become comfortable with the thought of spending time alone, no matter the time frame.

I am one that absolutely loves my
ALONE time, and it's something that I require and make time for in my life. It's almost as it's therapy for me. I can sort out my thoughts, just be by myself, spend time doing the things I enjoy and completing them at my pace.

In reality though, are we ever fully alone? We create our life and our surroundings, so therefor we hold a balance of what and who we let into our life. No matter what, i'm never fully going to ever feel alone in life. Why you may ask? I have made my life full of great friends and people that I know will always be there no matter the circumstance, even in my darkest of days.

Feeling comfortable within yourself while being alone is an exceptional accomplishment for all...something that I believe everyone should be able to experience and enjoy.