Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Kiss of the New year

Happy New Year!!

So last night is a BIG party night for everyone to go out and celebrate the upcoming New Year, well I was one of them “celebrating” – as I put emphasis on the word “celebrating”.

My friends Darlene & Jenny & I all went to listen to a band, dance, and of course drink a few drinks. I had a date with the Captain (Aye, Aye). We had a wonderful time; dancing, talking, & drinking.

I heard the lamest pick up line last night from a Wanna Be “Cowboy” what a great combination, right?

Cowboy: “I know you from somewhere”

Me: “Where do you know me from?”

Cowboy: “You have a cute face, maybe I just know cute”

Me: *Rolls eyes* “That the best you got?”

Needless to say, one word was spoken to him and then he was constantly around our group, wouldn’t leave. He told my friend that he was going to take me home with him, as she FIRMLY stated that he wasn’t taking me anywhere. He told her he didn’t give up. She then stated, “Honey she’s way out of your league and you don’t have a chance.”

It finally ended up by me having to tell him that I had a boyfriend (Firefighter), where it then turned into him trying to tell me he was better than “FF”. *HAHA*

Any who, I talked to “FF” numerous times last night, and called him at 12:00 on the dot to wish him a Happy New Year! He then got a couple drunken phone calls from me later on in the night. He told me that he wished he had been there with me to ring in the New Year, and to kiss me at midnight. *AWW*

I was able to see “FF” today; our schedules have been insanely busy and hadn’t had the chance to catch up. It was great to finally see him and I have to say my “First Kiss of the New Year” Was definitely worth waiting for, even if it didn’t happen at midnight!