Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I crave the good with the bad
Wiping the tears away with laughter
Nights of simplicity
With evenings of lavish & royalty
Lying in your arms
And nights of intimacy.
Your spirit and personality
Captivates me.
Your intelligence and stunning looks
Beckon me.
Forces my will to bend
A desire to be met as a
Need will be fulfilled.

Late Night Convo

Late night conversations
leave me with a smile on my face.
Thoughts of you from time to time
enter my mind.
Those glimpses of your smile are
etched into my memory.
When I need a lift of spirits
I know where to turn.
Your spoken words cause me to ponder
Another heartbreak, will you be
My heart earns to open
Yet I wonder, if your soul is open to receive.

Words of Hope

Words of hope you speak
Expect the unexpected
With you never knowing which direction to turn
Visions of your name on my screen
My heart skips a beat
Your words written before my eyes
Words of hope where a friendship began to form
Feelings and emotions are now collaborated
A higher ground we are on now.
Sights of you I can now see
Your smile truly does shine through.
With eyes set upon mine
Pleasant sounds of your voice rings in my ear
My eyes locked on you
A song plays in the background
One which memories are attached
The night is rapidly passing us by
Closing my eyes sights of you are diminished
The screen becomes dark
Hearing you on the other end
A tight grip I must not let go
Our eyes becoming heavy
Parting of ways we say goodnight
Drifting off to sleep
In our dreams we meet

I Met You in my Dreams

I met you in my dreams
There you stood waiting
Your smile made my knees weak
Those eyes sparkled, taking my breath away

I met you in my dreams
Tonight was the night
You took my hand
As we danced above the clouds

I met you in my dreams
Your touch I longed to feel
Taste of heaven placed on my lips
A glimpse for the future to come

I met you in my dreams
A place where our wishes come true
Tonight the stars aligned
A story they begin to write

Just a Poem...

Blindness will disable you
Fear will make you question
Protection will hinder complete openess
Perfection there is none
Flaws we all endure
Our soul mate sees through
Accepts our beauty and scars
In this moment
Love will win.

I Dream

I dream of looking into your eyes
Never unlocking the stare
I dream of your fingers intertwined with mine
A grasp holding on to what may be
I dream of your lips tasting mine
Something so pure, nothing more needed
I dream of the day I stumbled upon
Your friendship which helped me through
I dream of laughter being shared
All in hopes to calm our nerves
I dream of a promised dance
Across the dance floor, as one
I dream of you as my eyes close
Helping me through one more night.

Awkward Silences

Awkward silences hang in the air
His burning desire to confess
This moment of a perfect evening
Could be one of the best in his life

Her eyes couldn't be removed from him
Urgency to feel near
Just in presence
The distance needing to be closed

Her head lies in his lap
Brown curls twirled loosely around his fingertip
Laughing at the comedy on the TV
He hopes she's feeling the peace he is feeling inside

Fingertip to fingertip, their hands interlock
Her face expresses all
A look of pure bliss
Glancing up she smiles
Knowingly he knows what's to come

He manages to speak,” May I kiss you"
No answer is needed
Her lips quiver at the thought
Nerves at an extreme high

The perfection is indescribable
A pureness that filled the one desirable need
Sense of calmness overtakes
As a realization comes within

All You'll Be

Water cascading on my body below
Fingertips massaging in circular motions
Sensations of tingling and ectasy
felt throughout.
Closing my eyes I dream of you
Your hands caressing every inch
Finding your niche, they are delicately placed
My skin suddenly awakens
Your lips finding the sweetness
Escapes of soft moans are released
Opening of my eyes
I suddenly realize
A figment of my imagination
Is all you'll be


Will you have this dance with me?
A smile forms my face
My hand fits soflty into yours
Leading me to the center
Owning the dance floor
Lost in one anothers movements
in each others eyes
The passion is alive
Pulling me closer towards you
Whispering in my ear
You look beautiful tonight
Floating as we're in heaven
The music to our ears begins to end
My eyes meet yours
Your lips begin to taste mine
And with that moment I know
this evening will never end.

This Time Around

Feelings are different now
The sound of your voice
And my emotions are out of control
Tears welling up in my weary eyes
A romance turned to friendship
With the blink of an eye
Simply you ask, are you okay?
What is the answer you want to hear?
I'm not okay, it takes time
My strength
A sense of normalcy was returning
Only to be torn down
Sound of your voice makes me weak
A friendship is what remains
One that I’m not sure I can reciprocate
A broken heart is in question
Protecting me comes first
This time around.

Whenever We're Alone

Whenever we're alone
Your touch makes me tremble
Pure silence to our ears
The softest of moans
With our lips savoring each taste

Flesh against flesh
Your touch against my skin
Awakening my senses & nerves
Tracing softly and delicately
The purest of areas
My desire is building

A sacred ground built between
An attraction so intense
You can witness it in each pair of eyes
Taking her body with such passion
Heart and soul.

Brought to new arousals not once known
Lying there still meshed as one
A passionate romance
Of lust and desire has evolved.

You Didn't Ask

You didn’t ask
If something was troubling me
You conveyed your worries.

You didn’t ask
If my ears were open to listen
You knew they’d be
No matter my burdens

You didn’t ask
If my heart was complete
You just assumed it was

You didn’t ask
Until I walked away


What's his name you ask?
Cowboy ma'm he says with a tip of his hat.
On horseback at sunrise
Roping in at sunset.
It's about the love of the land.
Only life he knows.
No business suits
An attire of snugly fitting jeans
Stetson placed atop
You travel luxurious
He sits up on horseback.
Spending your days in the corporate world
His are spent riding the range
Under the western skies.

A Voice

A voice
Feared to be spoken
Stand up to humanity
Expression of actual you
Difference of beliefs
Quite vast from the norm
In a close minded society
Acceptance rarely is found

You Let Me Be Me

Thank you for being you
pushing me to my limits
making me always wanting to strive for more
you always listen
even when maybe something else is bothering you
no always sure what you think about me
you inspire me
my writings
you know my past - most
not all
and yet you still don't view me differently
judgmental -isn't in your veins
best of all
you let me be me

I Know You

Something is troubling you

Your guard is up

That wall to protect your innermost of feelings

Emotions are in check

Not letting anyone see if you're




You say it comes with the job

Not allowing your emotions to get in the way

Your voice gives it away

I can tell when you're not

A bit drawn out

Words are spoken slower

A sense of tiredness

You tell me its family issues

Work is exhausting

I know you

You need
“ME” time.

Your soul needs refreshing

Your mind needs cleared.

A sense of peace

And life will be restored.


Normalcy there isn’t any
Each day is just another
No specific meaning
Sirens blaring
Saving lives while risking your own
The fires are ablaze
Your days must go on
No matter the occasion
A prayer is sent above
For your safety and return.

Broken Dreams

A moment of happiness & peace
Suddenly feeling sorrow within the atmosphere
Broken dreams and lives come to an abrupt halt
All that is needed

I Knew It Didn't Hurt

I knew it didn’t hurt
Those words etched so plainly in her mind
As the sting of his hand lingers on her face
She couldn’t let herself feel the pain
Additional violence would then ensue
He loudly yelled…”Are you hurting”?
“No...” she managed to verbalize while
Choking back the tears
I knew it didn’t hurt
The final words she heard as
He left her unresponsive body lie on the floor.


The blahs of your day may seem as a burden or overwhelming at times
There may be a frown, where usually a smile is in place
Heavy thoughts weigh you down
When all that is wanted is a clear state of mind
There are brighter days ahead
Remember the good times they will always outweigh the dreary
No matter the circumstance
I can tell you to SMILE
Or offer you a welcoming embrace
Life will slow down, just be patient
Until then, I’m open ears to listen.


Blindfold slipped over her eyes
Senses are enhanced
The moon is full
and the night dark
A chill shooting up her spine
Touched with such aggression yet ease
Trembling with fright
His deep voice soothed

Sanity on the Edge

Mind racing, heart beating profusely.
Millions of thoughts racing, not enough time to even write down one before another arises.
Music playing in the background, yet sounding mumbled, wharbeled, mind not even able to clarify one word spoken.
Silence, is all that is wanted/needed.
Sanity is hanging on the edge, just for a moment of peace.

I Am

I am opening my heart and soul

I wonder what the future holds
I hear my skepticism washing away
I see the future brighten ahead
I want peace to conquer all
I am opening my heart and soul

I pretend as it’s happening
I feel an exceptional openness never felt
I touch your heart in hopes of healing
I worry I’ll lose my grasp
I cry at the reflection of your misery
I am opening my heart and soul

I understand things always happen for a reason
I say life is a beautiful journey
I dream prosperity for all
I try to live each day fuller than the last
I hope no other devastation comes my way
I am opening my heart and soul

Wish For You

A troubled being, in need of comfort
A day brightened with smiles
When sadness interferes
Opening eyes to a bright future to come
Calmness overtakes the soul

Scribbles #2

I knew what I had done
As soon as the door closed.
My grip slowly loosening
Not wanting to let go
My life had been built
Suddenly ripped away at a glimpse
The aftermath, devastation
On my mind, body, and soul
A Strong will must prevail
No being weak this time around
Who had I become?
A life with destination, shattered
Now simply standing
Unknowing of which way to turn.


A frown was there
Until the thought of you
A smile was brought
Eyes danced
Laughter fills the air
I feel alive!


A Goodbye
Countless interpretations
A new introduction
Leaving behind strife
A feeling of defeat
Not prepared to let go
A second chance
Is certain
Merely by saying


A sacrifice made
For one’s healing
In the hands of a higher being
A troubled soul
In need of a release
Obscure, irrelevant
Some may declare
Prayers have been answered
For a soul’s peace
We sacrificed
God, healed yet again


Different than you once were

Once so close, but now seem miles apart

Understanding, we cant seem to accomplish

Never can see eye to eye

A friendship that I found so rare

Now is wilting in my sight

Attempting to catch the fallen pieces

Rather, trying to salvage a lost cause

Only time may tell


Give me the strength to go on

These tears fall down my face

They fall onto my lips where they stay

The taste of them is all I have left of u

My heart is longing for more

Have I been alone for a long time

But yet just now realizing?

Only time will tell, as the hurt will fade away

Give me the strength to move on

The strength to become whole once more

I wont let myself become a victim again

Yet, I'll be a guarded soul, all because of misery caused by one.


Smile when all hope is lost

Your eyes dance, there is life at last

Your lips, I just want to taste

Life is a beautiful thing

Take the horrific with the best

Your passion, amazing

No matter what the cause may be

In your presence

I feel free


You're alone because of your own choice
You push until she's gone
Turn and run back to what you've always known
But yet, she has something better in her life
Trying to convince her of otherwise
Will be impossible this time around
She's done conforming herself around your mold
Pieces have been picked up, they are back in place
Life, she is moving on
Once you held her whole heart and soul
Now remains a scar
A reminder of the past, and what the future may hold.


Passion is extreme when it comes to thinking of you
Your lips I want to taste, as your tongue dances with mine
Pressing your hands on the small of my back, pulling me closer
No distance between us
Except small breaths of air we take
Your eyes meet mine, and my world is complete
Your touch causes me to tremble
Whispers of I love you brushing my ear
Two hearts become one, my soul overtaken
Yours I'll be for lasting eternity


Jaded, is your name
The aftermath of false words and scars
Bruises shall fade, tears will be wiped away
A jagged heart rough around the edges
Still remains.

A New Day

A new day
the glory shines through
an illumination so beautiful
reaching trying to salvage
Saving me from the immoral
tranquility waiting on the other side
The fate has been determined
A life has ended

Take me to A Place

Take me to a world where we are free

Where negativity and violence doesn't exist

Take me to a place where I can express myself

Where no one judges, yet accepts all

Take me where there is no hatred

Where love is a joyous spirit

Take me to this place

Where I can open up my soul

This place will I ever find

Someday, if only in my dreams

Believing is all I need

To finally succeed

Take Away

Take away my family

I will be broken

Take away my friends

I will be distressed

Take away my health

I will be ailed

Leave me black and white

And I will thrive.


You make my gloomiest day, bright with rays of sunshine

You give me hope, when I think all is lost

You are one of the brave

Admiration and respect, are fully given

Saving lives while risking your own

What we call selflessness, or more humbly

A hero in my eyes


Words, none can be spoken

Actions, where do I begin

To say thank you, how could I

Cancer; the word was spoken

Life abruptly stopped

Losing my life, another victim would I become?

Survivor, I proved them wrong

Saving my life you accomplished

I Wish

I wish life wasn't a rollercoaster ride, but yet something always refreshing

I wish you would notice me nor a passing glance from your eyes

I wish violence wasn't some common act, although being a rare occurence

I wish that i could be my own individual, no judgement standing in my path

I wish society would be accepted as who they have become, not who they are wanted to be

I wish my scars of you would fade away, now causing a guarded soul

My wishes are simple....

I wish.


Unique, some may say
Dividing qualities, they appear
Judgement based on physicality
Acceptance of true self not seen
This world a harsh existence
Brutal on the soul
Strength overpowers what may come.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


To say that I have one inspiration, to narrow it down to one particular person, thing, or place is nearly impossible. It’s an accumulation of all sorts that inspire me, all which depends on my mood.

Music – such a vital part of my life. I’ve wrote countless poems all because of ONE song. Do we even realize how big of an impact music has on us each and ever day? We workout; we listen to Upbeat tunes. We want peace and solitude; we may listen to soul tunes. Our heart is breaking; we tend to listen to words that pick our spirits up. It inspires your mood. Your mood inspires your thoughts, and the cycle continues from there.

Movies & TV – Do you ever watch something just because it’s an uplifting story? It’s something that makes your “Heart Smile”. I find myself countless of times watching stories of triumphs, people who have beat the odds. Obstacles have been overcome. Movies that send a subliminal message, all to get your mind to think outside of the “box”. I do this solely for inspiration and to better myself. My passion for helping others is absolutely huge. Am I the only one though, that after watching something of this magnitude that isn’t inspired to go out and help others? Make a difference. If only there was more of this, maybe our world would become a more peaceful place.

People – We all have had at least once in our lifetime someone that inspires us. Makes us want to better ourselves. People come into my life constantly that inspires me. They inspire writings. Someone I’ve known all my life to someone I may have met 5 minutes before. Maybe it’s the person I’m watching across the way; his or her actions trigger my mind. Spark a thought. It’s the people that bring a new way of thinking to my eyes, that I cherish. They bring a part out in me that may have died or once was unknown.

People come and go into your life daily. It’s a matter of holding on to inspiration that may have been brought. Don’t let that spark die, the fuel to the fire run out.

What or who inspires you?

Peace & Love