Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Awkward Silences

Awkward silences hang in the air
His burning desire to confess
This moment of a perfect evening
Could be one of the best in his life

Her eyes couldn't be removed from him
Urgency to feel near
Just in presence
The distance needing to be closed

Her head lies in his lap
Brown curls twirled loosely around his fingertip
Laughing at the comedy on the TV
He hopes she's feeling the peace he is feeling inside

Fingertip to fingertip, their hands interlock
Her face expresses all
A look of pure bliss
Glancing up she smiles
Knowingly he knows what's to come

He manages to speak,” May I kiss you"
No answer is needed
Her lips quiver at the thought
Nerves at an extreme high

The perfection is indescribable
A pureness that filled the one desirable need
Sense of calmness overtakes
As a realization comes within

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