Wednesday, February 4, 2009


To say that I have one inspiration, to narrow it down to one particular person, thing, or place is nearly impossible. It’s an accumulation of all sorts that inspire me, all which depends on my mood.

Music – such a vital part of my life. I’ve wrote countless poems all because of ONE song. Do we even realize how big of an impact music has on us each and ever day? We workout; we listen to Upbeat tunes. We want peace and solitude; we may listen to soul tunes. Our heart is breaking; we tend to listen to words that pick our spirits up. It inspires your mood. Your mood inspires your thoughts, and the cycle continues from there.

Movies & TV – Do you ever watch something just because it’s an uplifting story? It’s something that makes your “Heart Smile”. I find myself countless of times watching stories of triumphs, people who have beat the odds. Obstacles have been overcome. Movies that send a subliminal message, all to get your mind to think outside of the “box”. I do this solely for inspiration and to better myself. My passion for helping others is absolutely huge. Am I the only one though, that after watching something of this magnitude that isn’t inspired to go out and help others? Make a difference. If only there was more of this, maybe our world would become a more peaceful place.

People – We all have had at least once in our lifetime someone that inspires us. Makes us want to better ourselves. People come into my life constantly that inspires me. They inspire writings. Someone I’ve known all my life to someone I may have met 5 minutes before. Maybe it’s the person I’m watching across the way; his or her actions trigger my mind. Spark a thought. It’s the people that bring a new way of thinking to my eyes, that I cherish. They bring a part out in me that may have died or once was unknown.

People come and go into your life daily. It’s a matter of holding on to inspiration that may have been brought. Don’t let that spark die, the fuel to the fire run out.

What or who inspires you?

Peace & Love

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