Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Words of Hope

Words of hope you speak
Expect the unexpected
With you never knowing which direction to turn
Visions of your name on my screen
My heart skips a beat
Your words written before my eyes
Words of hope where a friendship began to form
Feelings and emotions are now collaborated
A higher ground we are on now.
Sights of you I can now see
Your smile truly does shine through.
With eyes set upon mine
Pleasant sounds of your voice rings in my ear
My eyes locked on you
A song plays in the background
One which memories are attached
The night is rapidly passing us by
Closing my eyes sights of you are diminished
The screen becomes dark
Hearing you on the other end
A tight grip I must not let go
Our eyes becoming heavy
Parting of ways we say goodnight
Drifting off to sleep
In our dreams we meet

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