Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Broken Promises

Your voice I yearn to hear
To soothe my emotions
Tears are falling
Our song is playing, the words etched in my mind
I remember that eveningOf a promised dance in your arms
Closing my eyes this is all I see
Holding onto a glimmer of hope
Where a broken promise now lies
Visions of "us" haunt me
Dreams of what was to come
Have since vanished
One more tear falls
Washing the sorrow away


It encompasses us
Our capacity to live
May slowly dwindle

Is it something significant or trifling
Or in reality just a figmentOf our imagination

Does it trace to our past
Life's happenings never seem to cease
But yet always seem to haunt

An open soul
Filled with happiness
Refusing to let a single remark control

Just Me & You

Longing to feel your touch
Roughness of your hands on my exposed skin
Lights are on dim
A melody playing softly
Echoes in the background
Massaging my body into pure relaxation
Your hands began to roam my curves
Cupping my breasts
My breaths deepen
Sliding into the most of intimate of areas
All the while a heightened arousal is on the edge
An intimate evening
Just me and you
The ambience speaks
A night of romance and passion
Is all that is left to desire

Eye of the Beholder

In the eye of the beholder you are
Strength beyond miles leaves me amazed
Once there lied a sense of doubt
It since has been washed away
An infectious smile brightens all spirits
Willing to be open in places where closed doors were locked tight
At times I may not comprehend
Bearing your heart and soul measures far beyond
Any words I may try to speak