Monday, April 13, 2009

Releasing Thoughts

Don't push me out of your reach
I'm still here to grasp that hold
Emotions not on par
I accept, yet it seems to not be enough
Releasing me I fall freely into what may lie below
Your voice I simply wanted to hear
To calm my surroundings
I sense a bit of hatred and bitterness
causing me to jump to the edge
Opening my heart I wanted to begin
Lying it out on the line
For now I Walk tightly on the edge of
Happiness and question
What is ahead.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Before Your Eyes

I'm right before your eyes
A sight has been seen
The true expression is still to be determined
Your heart is one I desire
Thoughts cross if you would give up the others
For a conclusion
Of two to become one.

Raining on Sunday

Rain is pouring down
The thunder rolls in the heavens above
Lightening strikes the ground
Beauty and fiery combined

Opening my eyes
They set upon you
Your hand softly brushes my curls away
As you pull me close

Laying in your arms
Wrapped up in the blankets
Here is where I want to be
Memories are to be made

Passionate kisses begin to form
Your touch brings me alive
Our legs are intertwined
The softest of moans are heard

This moment stands still
As lovers unite
Giving myself to you
Our bodies move in rhythm with the
Claps of thunder above

The Truth

A sense of hope
With an infectious smile
All lies in despair
Holding onto false pretenses
Clutching onto the edge
Fearing the plummeting fall
And what lies below
Seeking protection and security
Is it there within in my reach?
The sadness within me
I begin to wonder,
If it’s visible to your eye
Fear of losing this game
Is a chance I took?
All in hopes of finding
The truth

All We'll Ever Be

Those words I stumbled to speak
This day I thought would never come
My best friend and once thought my soul mate
You shattered my heart into pieces.

You were no longer the priority in my life
A relationship has turned into a friendship
There a line lies to be distinguished
A chance of what could have been, you washed away

Tugging and releasing on the strings of emotion
You kept me within reach
All the while being at your own convenience
The smiles and tears were an equal balance on that portrait of mine

A conversation once thought I’d never have to make
My life I have picked up and moved on
Hearing your voice on the other end of the line
Confirmed all of my once known fears
Friends are all we’ll ever be.