Monday, May 11, 2009


Walls that trap the innocence
The fiery struggles to break free

Searching for the soul once she claimed
Tears of rage have since washed away

A love lost stumbling to search
What lies to be found?

Suffering from a tragic heart
Seemingly no end in sight

Walls lastly crumble down
Her spirit has broken free

Happiness lies within reach
Tears washing away the pain

Crying joys of happiness
Her soul had been found

Just What I See

Your friendship stretches miles
Out to any who may need a lending hand.
Your arms are always open with
nothing asked in return.

Your life has proven to be a struggle
No silver spoon lies here
Mistakes have been made
Yet your strength still outweighs all

Your talent is in a vast amount
So much hidden from the outside world
True colors not many see
As the black and white is all that's shown.

Your passion and love
It is hidden deep down in your soul
Frightened of the unknown yet
Yearning the beautiful journey to come.

My arms are wide open
Lay your trust within me to fall.
No judgment may come your way
Just an accepting heart and soul

Let me inside those walls you've built
A story is waiting to be written
The road ahead may look troubled
The fear i'll wash away, as our steps fall into one.