Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photos (Day 1 & 2)

I was asked to join in on a 365 photo a day project! I love a challenge. A task/challenge that will help me see things in a different light; hopefully expand my creativity to a new height. The challenge started in on January 1st and I have began on January 4th; oh well what's a few days right? That just means my end date will be a bit later than others I always have been unique. Why start being different now?

Join in on the challenge! Take a photo each and every single day, something that you encounter in your daily life! Broaden your views; look a bit farther outside of the norm and see what you can capture. I'm no professional; but I believe that this will be a memory to cherish and look back upon years from now. A year of photos in the life of me :).

Day 1 Photo : My desk on the deadline of one of our events being held at our Annual Convention. I call it organized chaos; any other "sane" person would call it a disaster. The difference in two different minds.

Day 2 Photo:My constant reminder of Jon. Each and every single day. The night he made this for me, I was completely clueless as to what he was doing. Just thinking he was making a part for his truck, till he asked me to walk over there. That night...the conversation..the honesty and truthfulness was a turning point in our relationship. This piece of art will forever be remembered as a precious memory. One of many.

I'd love to see your photos per day, so what do you think? Do you love a challenge as much as I do? If you decide to join in; leave me a link so I can stop by and see the wonderful images that you encounter in your life!

~Peace & Love~
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