Saturday, February 20, 2010

Portland Bound

In less than 24 hours I'll be on an airplane flying to Portland, Oregon! Anyone ever been? Any hot spots that I need to check out, restaurants, etc? If so, please let me know! Although a work related trip, I'm looking forward to visiting some place I've never been before! Traveling~ I love it; but I hate all the preperation that comes along with it! Packing; oh dear! I'm one that believes my entire closet needs to go with me, ha! The airlines for some reason like to disagree and with all those extra baggage charges I'm definitely keeping it to a light minimum!

I'm definitely going to miss my critters, they are the best company! And my boyfriend J, I wish he could come along with me!

Last night J and I went to dinner together. I love alone time with each other, just enjoying each others company. I had an amazingly delicious dinner; Terrayki Sesame Chicken with a pineapple glaze, peppers & red onions served over a bed of rice pilaf. I even took a picture, imagine that!

Of course we can't forget my delicious drink! A mango mai tai, sounds like something I need to be sipping on the beach with the waves crashing in....oh the dreams!

J being his goofy self :).

How was your Friday Night? Have any of you been to Portland? Any hot spots I need to check out? Have a great weekend !


Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I had been to Portland! Have a great time!!

Mariel Torres said...

that drink looks sooo refreshing... i love anything tropical flavored

chelsea rebecca said...

you dinner looks delicious. and i love a goofy picture!!