Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inner Hippie

As I sit here typing this I'm smelling the lovely aroma of incense burning!
(Wow I'm really on a kick of smells lately, aren't I?)
I bought a little "mini incense set" and tonight finally broke it out to use it for the first time! I'm so super excited, oh the little things in life.

We have a fair trade store in the city just south of me and I love to visit there everytime I get the chance. I swear I was born in the wrong decade, 1960's & 70's would've been awesome!
I find myself each and every day loving the "hippie" movement. Or maybe we should say

"Love & Peace" baby!

Anywho, I digress. This store is called "Peace Craft" and they have everything imaginable! Clothing, jewelry, candles, soaps, purses, coffee, scarves, and everything in between. The only kicker is that everything is made in other fair trade countries. Neat, huh?? I think so :).

While I was there I picked up a ROCKIN' necklace, I must get a picture of it! A mini incense kit, which I snapped a photo of for you (made in India), a scarf (made in Nepal) it's gorgeous!, & baby booties that are little rabbits for my boss' baby shower coming up! (They are made with 40% alpaca hair). Is anyone else amused, or am I completely off my rocker, ha?!

Below are some pictures of my new lovely purchases! Enjoy!

What's your favorite smell? Do you have anything that's unique that you absolutely adore?


Nicole said...

I love lavender incense! I used to buy it from a guy @ the bus depot lol nothing euphoric like your lil cute find! ahahaha

Anonymous said...

I really like the smell of gardenias, i wonder if they have incense with that smell...

chelsea rebecca said...

oh i love incense! and i love your kick with all these smells! just in time for spring!!
and i love fair trade stores. you feel good buying things! haha.

victoria emily said...

i love incense! my best friend nicole actually burns it in her car when we go out. it always makes my day. hmm...i'm not sure that i have a favorite scent, but i'm a VERY scent oriented person. i'm not sure if that makes sense or not, but i'm hoping it does haha. i love anything that smells ocean-y or like summertime. i HATE patchouli. and i just wrote you a novel!


Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Fresh mown grass, roses, daffodils, babies, my husband after his shave = my fav scents.

Recent fav book = The Golden One by Elizabeth Peters. Funny, love story, mystery and history all in one. Set in Egypt in 1917, Brits doing archeology and solving puzzles. I found this book left behind on a dock in Highbourne Cay. A super great find. I will definitely look for more by the same author. I love that she got a Masters in Egyptology and uses her education to write novels. :)

Come say hello to Steadfast.

Cher said...

Stopping by to say Hi and Happy Follow Friday! Now following you!
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my name is lauren. said...

oh insense....nothing takes me back to middle school quite like it :).

happy weekend.


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Anonymous said...

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Elizabeth said...

I love that incense kit. I need one :)

My favorite smell might just be baking peach cobbler. Of course it's food!