Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mental Health Day

Do you ever have those days?

What days do you ask?

The ones where you feel completely overwhelmed, can't seem to find a sense of peace or serenity, quiet time evades you, those around you (negativity is constantly spewing out), and etc.

I think of myself as a very positive person, always wanting to help others but here lately it just doesn't seem like it's enough.

Right now I want to retreat into my shell and hide. {Peeking my head out ever so often to see if the world has slowed down}

I asked for a day off tomorrow at work ~A Mental Health Day of sorts. I think she thought I was joking and not serious. I really need a day away. Tomorrow is Friday. The weather is supposed to be beautiful with abundance of sunshine. That always does the soul good, right?

Peace and calmness where are you?


Nicole said...

Those days are the worst! Hang in there! And I hope they gave you the day off! =D

chelsea rebecca said...

i hope you have the day off and are able to just breathe and relax!

jules said...

I wish i had time for a mental health day!

Elizabeth said...

Feel better soon! I take those days all the time...I took them once a week in college :)

mel said...

did you get your day?
i hope so. it's amazing how much you can recharge with a day in the sunshine. hope you had a good weekend too :)

Hope Chella said...

Oh, Mental Health Days ARE absolutely essential :)

Blogger to Wordpress said...

It happens once in a while... Give time to yourself.. take a break... do yoga.. Will help a lot..
best of luck

Elizabeth said...

Okay, time to come back!

Kristin said...

I'm seeking some peace myself. A vacay is much needed right now! Sigh. Hope you're having a better week this week. : )