Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Fishing Adventure

What a beautiful weekend! Yes, I know it's Tuesday and I'm just now recapping for the weekend! Better late than never, right ?

J & I went out apartment hunting, oh what a daunting task! We'll find something that suits both of us soon, I'm sure of it! We then couldn't figure out what we wanted to eat, so J settled for Rally's, while I went to our local Chinese place and ordered Chicken Lo Mein and rice. Can we say yum?? The portions there are huge, and I wasn't able to finish all of it! So lunch for me the next day, woot! :).

J & I woke up to a beautiful Saturday with no particular plans! J said, you want to go fishing? Of course I do! I haven't been fishing in ages, and I love it. Something is so peaceful about sitting on the bank of a lake/river, I could simply sit there for hours just listening to nature that surrounds us. I packed us a picnic lunch, and off we went to go get his fishing gear. This man has a tackle box that surpasses any tackle box I've ever seen. (I'll include a pic for you to see). I'm sure we could get lost in the woods and still survive for days upon end, I love my outdoorsman!

J bought me a new fishing pole!! It's purple, black & white! Super cute!

This picture just made me happy! The sun was peeking through the clouds, I thought it was a gorgeous sight!

After we bought all of our necessities that we didn't already have, off to the lake we went! We had a great time fishing and ended up fishing at two different lakes. I didn't catch one fish, but J caught 4! I just fed them all! Pfft! They had a conspiracy against me, I just know it! Ha :). Nonetheless, I had a great time! He said I was officially his new "fishing buddy", aww how sweet :). Makes me giggle inside! That super duper in love giggle!

Oh geesh, I'm sure that was just over the top with mush! ..sigh..I don't care! :)

Do you enjoy being in the outdoors?


Sara said...

Fishing sounds like so much fun! I haven't been in FOREVER!

bananas. said...

when the sky is blue like in that picture above and when the sun is shining...i LOVE being outdoors :)

chelsea rebecca said...

i love the outdoors!!
what a fun little adventure!

P.S. love the new layout! so cute!