Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Put Put Baby!

Is it really only Tuesday? It seems since Monday this week has been a whirl wind with chaos and drama spewing everywhere, mostly at work! Ick. I can't stand weeks like that! Let's reminisce about the weekend, shall we:

Friday: J and I hung out in his shop. We ate Waffle House at 11:00 pm. That was dinner. Interesting folks always wonder into the "Awful Waffle" as people call it. Ever been there? J loves it, and I decided we'd go there since he was having a bad day.

Saturday: Was glorious! The house, I had to myself. The weather was gorgeous; sunny and mid 70's for a high with a light breeze! I had the windows opened and ended up doing a little spring cleaning. The afternoon ended with me lying down by an open window reading a great book that I've picked up (Eat, Pray, Love) and falling asleep and taking a nap! The sun was beaming in on me while I snoozed with the breeze flowing through the window! Ahhh...complete bliss :).

After a glorious nap it was Date Night for J & I:

J: Are you done with pictures, yet? Ha!
My scrumptious salad!
The beginning of put put!
This would be ME!
J, oh so serious!

Sunday: J and I went to breakfast together, I just love those mornings! Then we went and hung out in his shop all day/evening! A lazy day, but great because it was spent with each other!

How was your weekend?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fill In the Blank Friday

It's Friday!! How excited are you? I know that I am ecstatic! I can't wait for the weekend! Two whole days off of work, enjoying the sunshine and being able to do whatever my little heart desires!

It also means that it's "Fill in the Blank Friday". I've never participated in this, but thought I'll give this a whirl! So, here I go!

1. The first thing I do in the morning is hit the snooze button! 3 times to be exact! Can we gather that I'm not a morning person!?

2. Every night before bed I set my alarm on my phone. Read either a magazine that is still laying left unread, or a book that I may be currently reading! I just picked up "Eat, Pray, & Love", and it seems to be fantastic!

3. My favorite thing to do when I'm having a bad day is lots of different things! I love listening to music, that always helps my mood! Reading. Shopping. Going for a drive with the windows down as the wind is blowing through my hair! Going to the lake and sitting on the bank, just sitting there watching my surroundings. Fishing. The list could go on.

4. Something that makes me cringe is the sound of nails on a chalkboard! Ick, that screeching sound just makes my entire body shiver!!

5. Social situations I enjoy! It's a time for me to catch up with my friends and family, let loose, relax, and have a great time! I love dressing up for the occasion, as well!

6. I like to collect Rolling Stone Magazines! ( Love this mag, it's amazing). Anything vintage, abstract, funky (out of the norm). Also, love paintings, and jewelry!

7. Weekends are for relaxing and being with my love (J), friends & family! Enjoying the gorgeous weather while participating in spontaneous adventures!

I'd love to see your answers!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I had a doctors appointment yesterday morning. On a Monday. A dreaded one at that. Wait, are any of them ever ones you look forward to? No, not really.


Afterward I treated myself to my favorite guilty pleasure!


A Grande Nonfat White Mocha. Yumm. My favorite!
( I just loved this picture, had to share).

What is your guilty pleasure?
Have a terrific Tuesday!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Catch of the Day

((Bumpy Ride))

It will finally smooth itself out. That's what seemed to happen with mine and J's weekend. We started off grouchy, tired from the work week, and stressed to the max.

Friday night: Nothing too spectacular. Watched a drunk guy get kicked out of a restaurant. Lovely. (rolls eyes). Give it up old man, don't try to hold onto every inch of wall you can get your grasp on. Quite comical nonetheless.

Saturday: J let me help him in his shop! Do you know how awesome that is? He even let me use his power tools! Watch out...a woman with a grinder! HA :). That's what I told his dad, and he quickly left. He let me assist in the making of parts, I was super duper excited. I love making things, and this was just uber cool! I look forward to many days like that!

We then went and helped his dad catch cows, sort them, and corral them eventually into the trailer. Fun stuff! I just love baby calves...they are just precious!
Sadly...there aren't any just yet ( insert frowny face)!!
We ate at Subway for dinner, I ordered a 6" Oven Roasted Chicken. The Subway Dude accidentally made me a foot long, and only charged me for a 6". Yeeeaaaah!
Free stuff! Food, at that!

Sunday: J and I slept in. ( Oh, so glorious!). I fixed pancakes for breakfast, he had my left over Subway. Breakfast of champions, let me tell ya!

And then the Sunday adventure begins...

We decided to go fishing!

Fishing License ( check)
Cooler with snacks and drinks (check)
Bait (Check)
Fishing Poles (Check)

Off we gooooo

We find our spot. Which requires crawling under a fence, barbwire at that. He said I was a professional. Hmmm I wonder what that says about me?
We settle in our spot, no one is around us. Here's the view from my comfy chair.

Cast. (Nibble). Cast. Cast. Cast. Cast. ( Hello Little fishy's where are you?)

After a few minor changes to my "setup", I caught my first fish! Wanna see? Hold on to your seats, it's a monster!

I caught 4 of these little guys. Catch and Release was my motto for the day. I also caught a stick, some moss, and various things floating in the bottom of the river!

And then...something yanks my line! I start reeling! And reeling! And reeling! My pole starts bending. I think I've gotten stuck on something, and lost my fish in the meantime. And the convo goes a little like this:

J: Baby what do you have? A fish?
A: I don't know honey, but help me!

J: Keep reeling baby, keep reeling
A: I am! What the hell is on this line
J: Holy cow, you have a big fish! Reel baby reel! Stand up!

A: I'm not standing up! That sucker will pull me in the river!
J: ((Laughs))

I reeled in the fish! The hook came out of it's mouth. J dove in the river after the sucker, caught it with his bare hands! ((Brave one he is)). After a mini war (Flopping & squirming) with the fish, we won! And here's the picture to prove my "Catch of the Day".

He weighed 5 pounds, although he sure felt like he weighed 50!

And how was your weekend?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter ~ 2010

Happy Easter! How was yours? I hope it was "Egg" - cellent!

Mine was pretty low key, but still very enjoyable! It was spent with those that I love and in the end isn't that what it's all about?

J's family has a huge Easter egg hunt every year, and this year was no different! It's complete chaos, but still so much fun! I love watching the little ones searching for all the eggs! They are just too cute!

Here's some photos of the fun that ensued!

As J ate his candy out of his eggs he thought it'd be quite clever to clip them in my hair! New hair "fad" hmmm I wonder!

The results of a hard boiled egg smushed in J's face! Egg fight 2010! We finally had to take a water hose to the front porch! I loved it!

A picture of the sunset I took as I was driving home.

7 am on a Saturday?? Yikes

I love sleeping in on the weekends! It's my guilty pleasure! Yesterday, I was awoken at 7 am! On a Saturday!! J telling me to get dressed and out the door we must go, we had things to do! After some muttering under my breath and trying to get dressed while still half incoherent out the door we went! After a Starbucks and an Amp Energy Drink I was feeling much more like a human being than a zombie! (Did I mention I'm not a morning person?)

Now I must say I was NO fashion statement that's for sure!
Ball Cap ( I Love Corona)
Tennis Shoes

Hey, at least I was comfy!

We went and ran errands, loading up pop cans to take to the recycling center. Then back to his house for the next load of scrap metal and steel. The ratchet straps were put on just in time, as the skies opened up and the rain started pouring down on us! I love a good spring shower!

Next ~ was working on business cards and flyers for his new lawn service he's starting up! A couple hours later out the door we were again, driving around hanging them up everywhere possible we could think of! After we were finished we came back to my place and took a little siesta! We were both pooped!

We then ended our evening having a picnic at the park over looking the lake!

Our subway half devoured before I remembered to take a picture!

The sunset! Isn't it gorgeous?
The view of the lake! I just love it here! It's so peaceful :)

Getting up at 7 am was pretty enjoyable!

How was your weekend?
Did you do anything exciting?

Happy Easter!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rocking Old School

I just love getting great deals! I guess you could say that I'm a bargain shopper, absolutely nothing wrong with that in this day and time!

Tonight my mom and I spent the evening shopping! We went out on a mission to find some summer sandals, but with no such luck we ventured out into other stores!

I just can't wait to drink my coffee out of this each morning! How lovely is this! (eeeek!!)

And then I popped around the corner and found these! Flavored coffee! I'm a sucker for coffee, the way the smell lingers down the aisle just makes me feel all cozy inside! I couldn't resist once I saw the flavors! Chocolate Chip Cookie & Coffee Cake, yum! Trying to decide which one I must try in the morning! Any suggestions?

I found these great party dip mixes as well! They serve 8-10 people and only cost $1.99! All you do is either add cream cheese or sour cream how easy! And the are gluten free and all natural! Woot! They definitely sound like a great staple for a summer party!

Last but not least, I found two old school album's that I used to adore but somehow lost over time! They bring back great memories of when I was a young child! My mom and I driving on road trips, in the summer with the windows down pretending our fists were the microphone and singing our hearts away!

Madonna ~ The Immaculate Collection & Michael Bolton ~ Time, Love & Tenderness!

Yes! I'm rocking out to "Like A Prayer" right now, anyone else love that song!?

Our dinner was this: Chicken Fajita Nachos!
I refrained from the margarita, but oh I wanted one! I blew my eating healthy right out the window with this plate of nachos, I didn't need any other help :).

Do you like Mexican Food?
What's your favorite type of "International Cuisine"?
How was your Thursday Evening?

Smell of Fresh Air

I love the smell of fresh spring clean air! It’s absolutely amazing! I’m sitting at my desk at work working away, while my front door to the office is propped open! Ahhh! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the skies are clear blue! My 3 day weekend is only hours upon me!

I took these lovely photos at J's parents farm the other evening! I always love going into their house as his mom is the master gardener and there's always a bright boquet of flowers brightening up the room in which you may walk in! So cheerful!

I just love buttercups or the proper term I guess you could say would be "Daffodils". Hope you enjoy!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday!