Monday, April 12, 2010

Catch of the Day

((Bumpy Ride))

It will finally smooth itself out. That's what seemed to happen with mine and J's weekend. We started off grouchy, tired from the work week, and stressed to the max.

Friday night: Nothing too spectacular. Watched a drunk guy get kicked out of a restaurant. Lovely. (rolls eyes). Give it up old man, don't try to hold onto every inch of wall you can get your grasp on. Quite comical nonetheless.

Saturday: J let me help him in his shop! Do you know how awesome that is? He even let me use his power tools! Watch out...a woman with a grinder! HA :). That's what I told his dad, and he quickly left. He let me assist in the making of parts, I was super duper excited. I love making things, and this was just uber cool! I look forward to many days like that!

We then went and helped his dad catch cows, sort them, and corral them eventually into the trailer. Fun stuff! I just love baby calves...they are just precious!
Sadly...there aren't any just yet ( insert frowny face)!!
We ate at Subway for dinner, I ordered a 6" Oven Roasted Chicken. The Subway Dude accidentally made me a foot long, and only charged me for a 6". Yeeeaaaah!
Free stuff! Food, at that!

Sunday: J and I slept in. ( Oh, so glorious!). I fixed pancakes for breakfast, he had my left over Subway. Breakfast of champions, let me tell ya!

And then the Sunday adventure begins...

We decided to go fishing!

Fishing License ( check)
Cooler with snacks and drinks (check)
Bait (Check)
Fishing Poles (Check)

Off we gooooo

We find our spot. Which requires crawling under a fence, barbwire at that. He said I was a professional. Hmmm I wonder what that says about me?
We settle in our spot, no one is around us. Here's the view from my comfy chair.

Cast. (Nibble). Cast. Cast. Cast. Cast. ( Hello Little fishy's where are you?)

After a few minor changes to my "setup", I caught my first fish! Wanna see? Hold on to your seats, it's a monster!

I caught 4 of these little guys. Catch and Release was my motto for the day. I also caught a stick, some moss, and various things floating in the bottom of the river!

And then...something yanks my line! I start reeling! And reeling! And reeling! My pole starts bending. I think I've gotten stuck on something, and lost my fish in the meantime. And the convo goes a little like this:

J: Baby what do you have? A fish?
A: I don't know honey, but help me!

J: Keep reeling baby, keep reeling
A: I am! What the hell is on this line
J: Holy cow, you have a big fish! Reel baby reel! Stand up!

A: I'm not standing up! That sucker will pull me in the river!
J: ((Laughs))

I reeled in the fish! The hook came out of it's mouth. J dove in the river after the sucker, caught it with his bare hands! ((Brave one he is)). After a mini war (Flopping & squirming) with the fish, we won! And here's the picture to prove my "Catch of the Day".

He weighed 5 pounds, although he sure felt like he weighed 50!

And how was your weekend?


Elise said...

wow, that's awesome!!! impressive fish you caught there. :) looks like fun!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh, how cool! I think the little guys are cute though :)