Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear Jon...

Dear Jon,

Isn’t that a name of a movie!? Ha, oh I crack myself up sometimes! Last night I came home to you greeting me at the door! I loved it. You wrapped your arms around me and gave me a big ol’ kiss! You asked me how my day was, I love that you care.

We went and conserved water together, what a fun way to wind down from the day! ;)

You cooked me dinner of hamburger helper, but used ground turkey because you know that beef makes me sick and you said I was pms’y and that you knew I wasn’t feeling well. Thank you for being so thoughtful. You let me sit on the living room floor, play on the internet and drink a Strawberry Daiquiri while you cooked dinner. It was a perfect way to relax and unwind after a long work day. Those little things mean the most!

I let you watch your show, American Pickers for exchange of letting me watch “The Bachelorette” later on that evening. You dissected each man on the show, cracking me up! Frank = stalker. Chris L. = landscaper dude, so he was cool. Kasey = looney, etc. You asked me if we were on that show, if I would’ve picked you. Awww, of course I would honey! You’re the best! You stole the remote from me, changing it right in the middle of the rose ceremony and then laughing hysterically as I tried to wrestle it back away from you. You’re sneak attacks behind me, tickle wars, & our giggle fest last night was awesome! You cracking up at me as I Googled how to “Cut a Canteloupe”, what don’t hate, you didn’t know how to either!

Our life is way fun, let’s keep it that way, k?


Your giggle box

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Lover...

Dear Lover,

Saturday night we were preparing to go out on a date! Wahooo! I love our date nights :). You took forever, coming down the stairs every 5 minutes with a different shirt on. Making me pick which one I liked best. It was kinda cute, I'll have to admit! :)

Before getting in the shower I witnessed you running around the house “clearing out the bad guys with your gun”. Only problem was, there was no one in the house but me (dying laughing), you and the kitties! I love that you’re such a big kid sometimes! Promise me you’ll always stay that way! It makes my heart smile!

The incident in the grocery store with the cantaloupe was so freakin’ hilarious! I’m sure your dad punk’d us by telling us to smell the stem of the cantaloupe to know which one to choose. I wonder what the security camera “watchers” were thinking of us? Giggling and laughing so hard tears were streaming down our faces.

I love our silly moments! Let’s make sure that we have millions more!

Btw: you’re a great cantaloupe sniffer! ;).

Your partner in crime

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Boyfriend....

Dear Boyfriend,

Last night I tried super hard to stay awake and wait on you to come home. The tiredness won. I love that you woke me up by kissing me on my forehead to tell me you were home. You know how much I love forehead kisses! They make me melt!

I remember you waking me up and pulling me closer to you. Telling me to come closer as we snuggled up under the blankets. I just love falling asleep next to you! It’s simply bliss! I promise to never take it for granted, ever! Even when you hog the blankets. And my pillows too! Or somehow end up all the way on my side of the bed leaving me a smidgen of room to curl up in! I’ll still cherish laying there beside you!

This morning you looked super sleepy, having worked 15 hour day yesterday. I just wanted to stay snuggled up in bed with you and sleep until our heart was content. I saw that you had your famous Cheesy Rice for dinner last night. I forgive you for leaving the rice stuck to the bowl in the sink. I washed it out for you before I left for work! I know that you were super tired. It had to be one am before you came to bed.

Tonight we are having snuggle fest! I can’t wait! Movie & pizza night, per your request! Time not spent with you sure does make me appreciate the times we actually do get to spend with each other! You seriously rock! And I love you more than Cheese! (Hey, you know that’s a lot).


Love your CheeseBall
(That nickname is never going to go away, is it? Its okay, I secretly love it! )

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food Wars

Sounds fun doesn’t it? We sure have one going on in our house!

See, J & I were raised completely different. We eat completely different, or so I’m learning. He eats things loaded in fat, grease, sodium, etc and I eat the complete opposite.

I don’t eat salt – J loves it and puts it on everything
I don’t eat a lot of grease – J loves it
I don’t eat a lot of red meat. – That’s all J lives on.
I cook with lots of veggies. - He doesn't eat alot of them
Love olive oil. - Hates it.
Hummus. - He hates it
Yogurt. - He hates it.
Fresh Fruit. - He eats it occasionally.
Love raw veggies. - He's not a fan
Eat ground turkey. - He doesn't like
Eat whole wheat pasta. - He eats this. I just sneak it in :). Ha!
Eat egg whites. - He can't stand.
Etc. Etc.

J is the complete opposite. He eats all the things that I hate to touch. And honestly since changing my diet, they make me sick if I try to eat them. Trying to grocery shop for the two of us is becoming ungodly expensive and very challenging. And sometimes just quite comical as J looks at me in the grocery store as in what the hell is that?

I’ve cooked two dinners that we’re pretty “normal” or so I thought and J hasn’t liked either one of them. It’s becoming quite frustrating. He’d live off of Hamburger Helper, Rice a Roni, Hot Pockets, and Frozen Totinos pizza if he could. Or I’d let him. But I like for us to both sit down and eat a dinner together. It’s becoming more of a challenge than I had originally thought. I really hate to have to cook two separate meals; one for myself and one for him. When I come home cooking one meal is enough, let alone having to cook two.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Are any of you completely opposite eaters from your spouse? If so, how do you overcome it?

*Just venting is all* :). I'm smart enough to know not to fight over food. How stupid would that be? (Just saying because someone that I talked to about this earlier thought I was picking fights over this).

Monday, June 14, 2010

On a Positive Note

I think all my posts on Monday start off with the same sentences....

"Where did the weekend go?"

"Why do the weekends go by so quickly?"

Etc. Etc. You get the point.

I don't feel any differently today.

This weekend I brought my two kitties’ home with me! J & I new apartment. Friday evening J & I found ourselves snuggled up on our new couch that we got on Friday too, eating a $5 Hot & Ready Pepperoni Pizza from Little Caesars and watching "Pretty Woman". I just adore that movie, and somehow J got suckered into watching it!

Saturday J woke up and went and did his "thing". I spent the afternoon at home being lazy. Unpacking more boxes. Taking a 2 hour nap! Ahh, so lovely!

Saturday evening consisted of grocery shopping. Setting up our 30 gallon fish tank that J brought from his old house. Cooking burgers stuffed with cheese and hot sauce on the grill. Absolutely delish! J cooked dinner for us.


Baked Beans

BBQ Grippos (The best chips)

Sunday we lounged around the house waiting for our washer/dryer to be delivered. J cooked breakfast for us. Homemade biscuits and gravy & eggs. Yumm! The washer/dryer finally arrived around 3 pm that afternoon and then I got to play catch up on laundry that had built up. We were hoping to go fishing, but no such luck! Although it was a scorcher, mid 90's for a high! Shew! Saying in the a/c was the right medicine.

Things with J & I have improved. I sat down with him on Friday evening and we had a talk, and told him that we had to communicate with each other, that we can't just read each other minds. We spent the whole weekend laughing and smiling. Not one argument or spat. Which is a huge improvement from last week! This week has started off great as well :).

A little faith & hope took us a long way. I'm happy to be getting back to "US".

Hope you have a great week. I've got the apartment to myself tonight, J is out mowing lawns. I fixed a dinner of Beef Stroganoff and Texas Toast. And am now watching The Bachelorette. I love this damn show. I'm such a reality junkie!

Hope you all have a great evening!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shutter Love Tuesday - Pets

I'm joining in on "Shutter Love Tuesday" hosted by Trendy Treehouse. This week is Pet Photos. Here's my German Shepherd, Allie. She's a rescue, that we've had about a year. She had 4 homes in 6 months before finally coming HOME. Me and her got off onto a "rocky" start but are finally "bonding". One day at a time!