Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear Body

Everyone around me has the flu. It's that time of the year. Unfortunately, I'm feeling a bit sniffly this morning, and praying that I don't get sick. So my body & I had a little convo this morning. It went a little like this:

Dear Body: I take vitamins every day. I eat healthy. And I bundle up like an Eskimo when I go outside, and it's cold. So PLEASE don't let me get sick...I'm counting on you!

Let's hope she listens!



hip-chick said...

I was sick around Thanksgiving. And, it just about wiped me out entirely. Here's hoping that body listens.

Kaleena J. said...

ooh! you should go to the store and buy some theraflu. if you take that when you first notice cold symptoms, you will kill it before it gets worse!!

or if your nose is already runny, try the Neti Pot. I just discovered this and became obsessed.

Kelly said...

i've already been sick {in fact i am still recovering a little} and it was no fun! good luck and i hope miss body listens!

Gabby said...

Oh no! I'm hoping you don't get sick! Sending you healthy thoughts :)

john said...
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