Monday, February 21, 2011

Dreaming of the Future

The wind is whipping. Howling pierces through the warm air, odd for a February day. I am sitting at work, finding myself dreaming into another world. Dreaming of the future. Of the life that I hope to have someday, soon. It’s not out of reach, is it?

I always thought I knew the life I wanted to live. Isn’t it amazing how as we become older our views on life and the things we want/need change? I don’t want a lavish life, although my closet and accessories would probably convince you of otherwise. I want simplicity. Comfortable. I want the small town life. In a small rural town, way out of city limits.

Our house, it will have a wrap around porch. With rocking chairs, for us to sit side by side. There will be a larger than normal porch swing, for us to spend those summer nights. Long after our children have gone to bed, there we will be enjoying each others company. Never letting that fire that brought us together burn out. I want a full screened door. To let the summer breeze blow in.

The kitchen, I want room for all of us to fit. Room to teach our children how to cook. To have food fights. The kitchen table to be made out of barn wood. The sacred place that we, as a family, will sit down and eat dinner together every evening. Talk about our days, and simply just enjoy family time with one another. The one place that nothing else will come and interfere. In the summertime, I always want a small vase of fresh flowers picked out of the yard sitting on the table. Filling the kitchen with a lovely summertime aroma, and bringing a simple cheer.

I want to live where there are no neighbors. A garden we grow together, producing as much food for our family as possible. A pond, to teach the kiddos how to fish. Sitting by the water on Sunday afternoons casting our lines...waiting for the fish to take that first bite. Teaching our kids to take the fish off the hook, bait their own hook, and casting without it getting caught in the trees, in our hair, on our shirts, etc. Seeing their face light up with excitement when they catch their first prize!

I want a hammock between two shade trees. To spend lovely summer afternoons, reading a book, taking a nap, or just enjoying the nature that surrounds me.

Sun dresses. Sipping lemonade out of mason jars. Planting flowers. Farm critters running around.

Please, oh please, make this a reality someday soon.

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Kimbirdy said...

aw, so sweet! i'm a total city girl, but i love visiting the country on a regular basis. i think having a cottage out in the woods for seasonal getaways would be perfect for me. my sister and her five kids just moved out to a little farm house with lots of fruit trees and a garden. they're also planning on getting goats so they can make their own milk and cheese {one of the little ones is allergic to cow's milk}. i love the idea of living off your own land. i hope you get your dream home and dream life soon!!!