Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Need your Suggestions

I need your help!

I leave in a little over a week for a conference for work. Thankfully it's only about 45 mins - 1 hour from my home, but still staying in a hotel is much easier than making the commute. With that being said, I need your suggestions on healthy snacks/food to pack to help me stay on my diet while being gone! I cook every meal at home, making sure that I stay as closely to eating healthy as possible, so being gone for a week can make that disastrous! I just read that my room has a mini - fridge, so do you have any ideas!?


Oh, and Happy Wednesday!

And I'm sad...they don't have complimentary internet access! Boo :(. $12.00/day for internet - No Thank you!

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Kimbirdy said...

i would bring some fruit, yogurt & granola. you can also boil water in the coffee pot {which are usually standard in hotel rooms} and make some oatmeal. you could also take veggies & dip, some crackers & cheese, and salad fixings. you could also wander around your favorite health food store and see what they have that looks tasty and would be easy to take. i would bring a few dishes of my own with a sponge & dish soap. then you're all set for a kitchen away from home!