Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Update

I feel like I’m constantly on repeat, saying that I’m having pretty great weekends. Although, I’ll stay stuck on repeat if that’s what is so continuous...hope you don’t mind!

Friday - After work I met Londi at the gym to sign the papers and get our key cards! We are OFFICIAL members, woot! J texted me and told me he was cooking dinner, and if I would stop and pick up hamburger buns and chips. So I did! I came home and he was cooking away! We ate dinner together, and afterwards I finished my Easter Wreath. J and I sat and talked, had a dance party in the middle of our living room, and me attempting to tell him I wish I could walk like the “powerful model strut”. Which, started another dance party. Ha! Finally, we settled down and ended up falling asleep on the couch watching a movie!

Saturday - I slept in til around 10:30, and it was fabulous. J had gotten up at 8 to go do who knows what, and then was grouchy when he got home and I was still asleep. Ha! I got up and got ready and off we went. We grabbed lunch at Applebee’s, soup and salad for me, a Reuben for him. *Bleh* Then we went to Half Priced Books and browsed for a while, until J finally had to tell me he was leaving. I could have spent another couple hours in there. Saturday night it was Rodeo Time! J and I attended a PRCA rodeo, and it was a lot of fun! It reminded me of the days I used to rodeo. It was neat to show J what I used to do and he was impressed, now he wants to see home videos that my mom had taped. I guess we will need to do that soon! After the rodeo, we headed home and watched some tv and then crashed!

Sunday - We slept in. I made pancakes for breakfast and then we cleaned the apartment before heading off to his parent’s house. I also laid on the couch for a while and watched the movie Save the Last Dance, hey it was on TBS! I love that movie! I read some of my magazine, and J putzed around in his “man cave”. We spent some time with his mom in her green house, she is the Master Gardener, she amazes me! She had two baby rabbits in her green house, they are named Buddy & Holly, so of course we had to take them out of their cage and hold them. That is until one of them clawed the crap out of J trying to squirm away, ha! We visited with his parents for a couple hours and then headed home. I cooked dinner, took a bath and gave myself a facial, and then off to bed.

And now here we are....Monday!

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