Tuesday, April 5, 2011

List #18

Road Trip Must Haves

This one is going to be fun! Although, now I am itching to go on a road trip! I love to travel! It’s truly one of my passions that I find complete joy and happiness in pursuing.

Here are my must haves:
  • Music/Ipod - I have to have some great tunes to accompany me on the road.
  • Over sized Sunglasses - Yes! I need to protect my precious eyes
  • A lunch box/cooler - I always pack snacks! It’s much cheaper while you’re traveling, plus it saves time from stopping! I am the girl that likes to drive straight thru to my destination, no stopping unless you need gas and you better pee while we are there too!
  • Laptop - I most ALWAYS take my laptop!
  • Books - I love reading on vacation, especially if I'm not driving it’s nice to dive into a magazine or book on the way.
  • Good Company - I would say this is great sometimes. There are other times where i like to take a road trip by myself :).

Now, I want to go somewhere damn it!


AMY said...

Definate Must Haves! Great List!
I want to go somewhere too. Soon it'll be summer and time for car trips and vacations.
My son is a great traveler.....AS long as you leave him alone and don't talk to him. LOL! He's been this way since he was a baby. Crazy, but nice sometimes.

Kimbirdy said...

i agree with every single one of those items! and i was just thinking about a road trip this morning, and how fun it would be to have another one to some new part of the country {or somewhere i haven't been in a while, like anywhere outside california}.

Room to Inspire said...

Great list - we have a vacation coming up and I think it is time to make a list!