Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snapping Turtle

It is a gorgeous Wednesday in Kentucky today, hope it is where you are too! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the temperatures are hovering right around 60*. Perfection! The past few days have been nothing but rain, rain, and more rain! We have had severe flooding and the sun hadn’t even peeked out, so this is definitely a welcomed sight!

What did I do this past weekend? Saturday I spent some time in J’s shop while he was building bee hives (that’s his latest endeavor in life), and I painted my flower box. That is until the Hurricane of 2011 came rolling in on us, and then we stood watching out the window. Tornado sirens were going off, torrential pouring down rain, and high winds. It was definitely NOT a welcomed sight! We ended up grilling hamburgers & hot dogs with his parents and nephew before finally heading home around 10pm.

Sunday it was decided that we were going to go fishing. We go to J’s parents house first so J could pick up some odds and ends and it was pure chaos there. We quickly exited, but not before J’s nephew got mad at him for not taking him with us. J & I wanted some “US” time. We ended up stopping at the General Store in the community where J’s parents live and ate lunch. I love stores such as these. They are so small, everyone is so kind, and they have so much character. I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich (the best ham & cheese sandwich I have EVER had) and J ordered a hamburger. We sat in one of the three booths along the back wall of the store and watched the locals wonder in and out. Old farmers were sitting outside on the porch swing or chairs talking about the local happenings. Too cute!

Our fishing adventure was definitely an adventure. J caught an enormous snapping turtle, man those things are UGLY! He had to cut the line as he didn’t dare put his fingers anywhere near that things mouth. I caught quite a few fish, while attempting to catch the larger fish (carp). They were cruising the surface and you could see them plain as day. I was bound and determined to catch one to take a picture with and throw back, but apparently they had other ideas. I’d drop my line and bait right in front of them and they’d swim circles around it. Tease! I also acquired one hell of a sunburn, it was 88*! Wow!

Happy Hump Day! Hope you’re having a great day!

**I meant to post this yesterday, oops**


kimbirdy said...

summer! or at least that's how it's feeling out here and it sounds like out there too. it's a welcomed change. also, grilling hot dogs in a hurricane sounds rather challenging. :) seriously though, i'm glad everyone was okay out there during those crazy storms.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Happy to hear someone is having better weather then us! It is April and SNOWING!

Gracie said...

Well the weather is sounding great even though you're having hurricanes!! Crazy weather.

I've never really gone fishing before, but it would be great experience I'm sure.