Monday, May 23, 2011

Amish Sunday

Sunday J & I slept in til around 9:30. It was simply glorious! J got up and covered me back up with blankets and told me that I could go back to sleep, but I just laid there for a while. Snuggled with the kitties and then decided to get up and take a shower.

We decided that we would hit up some flea markets and bargain malls to see what kind of great treasure we could find. We arrived at our first destination and they weren’t open yet, so we decided to go for a little drive while we waited for them to open up. Our “little drive” ended up lasting a few hours.

We ended up driving to an Amish community. Their lifestyle fascinates me. I can’t imagine living that way of life, although I think at times it would be incredibly refreshing to just be able to LIVE. They are incredibly self sufficient, something that I think America has lost. While driving we passed quite a few horse and buggies as they traveled to their homes. When the buggies weren’t large enough to hold the entire family, you would see children or the wives and children pedaling on bicycles behind the buggy. We passed a couple buggies that the Amish actually waved to you as you passed them by. This is something that they usually do not do. We passed one house that had all the Buggies parked in the back by the barn and they were all filing into the house, probably just getting home from church services.

Their farms were amazing. Acres of gardens, wind mills in the yards, huge barns, livestock grazing in the’s simply just breathtaking. J & I definitely want to go back to go visit the produce shops, their restaurant, woodworking shops, and etc. Obviously they were all closed being as it was Sunday.

Here are a couple pictures from our drive.

An Amish house that we passed. It just looked so welcoming and "homey".

I love taking Sunday Drives!

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