Monday, May 23, 2011

Bargains & Grilling

Saturday J & I staggered out of bed around 7:45am to go hit some yard sales. A stop for breakfast, a coke for him, and coffee for me we were ready to rock & roll! We drove all over, and all that was bought was a 50 cent James Patterson hard back book. Ha! The adventure sure was fun though! We came home around 11ish, and J took off to mow. I ran some errands, went to the grocery store, and came home and took a power nap.

J got home and we decided that we were going to grill out! I made pasta salad and had fresh watermelon and cantaloupe cut up and chilling in the fridge. I went outside and sat with J as he grilled hamburgers on the gill. We sat and chatted, planted carrot seeds and red potatoes in our garden box, and enjoyed the summer evening air. J told me that he enjoyed me sitting outside with him and he felt really close to me, I loved hearing that!

Here is a picture of our Garden Box. It’s doing quite well, I’m proud!

J the Grill Master!

What a lovely Saturday!

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