Things I Love/Am Thankful for Thursday:

· J telling me thank you, when I cook dinner after working all day. It’s nice to hear those two little words

· Going out to dinner with my friends Londi & M for Mexican and Margaritas last night.

· J helping me get the 10 bags of potting soil for my flower box

· J carrying the bed linens up the steps so I don’t have to.

· J cleaning the kitchen after he cooked sloppy joes last night. It was spotless.

· J’s co-worker bringing us organic eggs from his chickens every week. Helps with the groceries, plus they taste incredible

· The sun that is shining today! Thankful for a break in the rain.

· J’s momma being so kind and giving me two strawberry plants to grow this summer that she had already started for me.

· Being able to go to the library and check out books for free!

· J and I lying in bed at night reading beside each other before we fall asleep.

· Good morning kisses

· Free Sub I had for lunch today.