Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Exotic Meat Sticks

Last night I got home and did a couple things around the house and then decided I didn’t want to sit there. I was antsy. I thought I would go for a little drive, maybe head up to “my” lake that I always enjoy going to. J was mowing hay, so off I went.

I rolled the windows down and cranked up the music. I had my camera in hand, out of the case, and in my lap in case I came across a photographic moment! I drove to the lake where there was only one boat out on the water. I saw there for a bit, but it was really hazy and decided not to take any photos there.

On my way home, I passed this “store” and this sign was out front. I HAD to pull over! It was simply just one of those “classic moments”, and I had to capture it. Now, I have to figure out what time this store is open and go check it out. I can only imagine what the inside is like.

The things you will see on back country roads in Kentucky! :)

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kimbirdy said...

haha, "this and that variety store" is right!