Monday, June 6, 2011

Flea Markets & Pizza

(Sunday) J took me on a little drive through the countryside. He went fishing on Saturday night and explored some new territory, and decided to show me where it was. It was so pretty! I had my camera in hand, however didn’t take any photos. Doh! I wasn’t feeling very well, and was riding shotgun beside J. I’ll have him take me back there to take photos, as I’m not sure I could find it on my own! It was in the boonies, that somehow lead us back into town. What a miracle, ha!

There were mini waterfalls, creeks, rivers, and an old mysterious abandoned “school” that J wanted to check out! Not to mention acres and acres of farm land, hay fields, wild flowers on the side of the road & animals turned out in the pastures. It was beautiful.

On our way home we saw a sign that said “Flea Market, Pizza & Subs.” We HAD to stop! We walked in, and there were people just sitting around chatting. Still not sure where the “pizza place” was? There was also a sign that said Pool Tournaments every Thursday Night. And they rented out movies. One stop shop, i suppose! The picture below should sum this place up. J and I just stood there in disbelief. We did NOT know where to begin. We walked around, but we didn’t even come close to seeing everything that was in there. There were aisles and aisles that looked exactly as the picture below. J definitely wants to go back to “dig.” Ha!

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kimbirdy said...

haha, i love places like that way out in the middle of nowhere. they're always so random. i'm sure you can find some amazing treasures there. it's impossible to find stuff at flea markets around here because it's so trendy right now. everything is either already snatched up or everything is ridiculously overpriced. i've been telling dannon we need to drive out to the country sometime and find a place like this.