Thursday, June 2, 2011

Margaritas? Yes, please!

Yesterday was a good day! Last night I went out to dinner with my friends, Londi, Evan (little bro), & Martin. We went and enjoyed some delicious Mexican food, and of course Margaritas! I brought J home some nacho’s with beef and cheese, his favorite! We were in the restaurant for 2 hours, laughing and I’m sure annoying all the customers around us. We were quite noisy, but that’s okay we were having FUN!

In the middle of dinner, I spotted my ex (from when I was 18) in there with his wife. Ha! I, said this out loud to my friends, and of course they all had to turn their necks to see. Ex started a hole through me, and then I happened to receive a text from him after he left with his wife. He said it was great to see me and that I looked great. *Rolls eyes*. I can’t believe he kept my number all this time; I sure as hell didn’t keep his! Ha!

Before dinner, I went to the cemetery to visit my dad, grandparents, and aunt’s graves. I haven’t been in a while, and it’s a way for me to just be there “with them”. If that makes sense? I have to say, while pulling in I saw the oddest thing! There was a sign at the entrance of things you weren’t allowed to do in the cemetery such as, no jogging, no pets, but the kicker was NO PICNICS. Really!? Who would have a picnic in a cemetery!? This struck me as SO odd! I should have taken a picture!

Today is my last day of quiet in the office, but thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! Whooo, so excited! J and I are still trying to decide what we are doing this weekend. There is a 400 mile yard sale going on, and we think that may be fun to hit up. Sure would be an adventure, that’s for sure! Oh, I bought tickets to go see a concert this summer! So excited! I haven’t been to a concert in 2 years, and I’m way past overdue! J will definitely get a kick out of seeing me dance and sing like a crazy fool!

I’ll leave you with this humor for the day: While on my lunch break today I passed a white ford ranger that had black “cow” spots painted on it. After a closer look, it also had Cow Horns attached to the top of the truck, and a rope hanging on the tailgate as the cow’s “tail.” Wow!


hip-chick said...

I think it is odd that your ex still had your cell number...but maybe he just remembered it. Even more odd is that he was texting you while having dinner with his wife...good luck to her.
I have seen some beautiful cemeteries. I know it sounds strange but the older ones are set up for contemplation and relaxing. the one in Lowell Mass. has tours where they show you all the different trees and plant life. weird.

Helen said...

while I've never had a picnic in a cemetery, part of me thinks that if I were buried somewhere it would be nice to have families having picnics and kids playing around me. I've never thought of that before.