Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Save our Rain Forests!

Good Morning!

This morning while checking my email, I stumbled upon something awesome! I love being able to make a difference in this world we live in, whether it be something big or small.

There is a new search engine called Ecosia. Here is what they are all about! 

Powered by Bing and Yahoo, Ecosia is a search engine with reliable results that also donates a huge chunk of their profits to work in the Amazon.

Every time you click on an advertisement in Ecosia’s results, Bing and Yahoo send their profits back to Ecosia. Twenty percent of that income is used to maintain Ecosia and the rest goes to an Amazon rainforest protection program supported by the WWF.

All you have to do to help every single day is change your default search bar, and occasionally click on a sponsored result. It'll go toward WWF Brazil's efforts to preserve the Tumucumaque region and its rainforest preserve roughly the size of Switzerland.

Ecosia is setting the search bar pretty high. Almost as high as our tolerance for our own puns.

How cool is this!? Something that we can ALL do to help save our rain forests with hardly any difficulty! Now, who's going to join me?


Luisa Rodríguez said...

Thanks for sharing.
I do want to make a difference!!


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