Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good Things Tuesday

I'm still recovering from Thanksgiving, how about you? I also graced the doors of the gym last night, first time in a week and man I'm so sore this morning! Ouch! My arms feel like jello, I don't even want to lift them up! And my legs, well let's not even talk about them. I think that staying in my chair all day at my desk is sounding like a great idea!

This morning while driving to work the skies were cloudy (mostly dark) but yet there was a break of sunshine attempting to peer through! And then straight ahead there was a beautiful rainbow! Wow, what an amazing way to start the day! It wasn't a full rainbow, you could only see the ends as they began to arch up, and the arch disappeared in the clouds to only reappear again. Getting a picture was not going to happen, as I was going 70mph on the interstate, but it was still beautiful though! It definitely put a smile on my face!

My boyfriend (Jon) just called me at work just to tell me "He loves me & to have a great day."

I love this day!

What good things have happened to you today? Life really is about enjoying the simple things!


Cassie said...

Too bad you couldn't find that pot of gold! ;) I love rainbows!

Alida said...

I love rainbows...what a great day!!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I know about that feeling of jello arms! Hit the gym in a couple of days to keep it up. Love rainbows!