Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mad Hopper

Last night as I was about to go get in the shower, Jon decided to have a “Hopping” contest with me. I’m not sure that it meant to start out as one, but it sure ended as one. With me surpassing him, him blocking my forward motion, which resulted in me grabbing and hanging onto his waist for dear life and trying to not plummet to the ground. He gets in the way of my momentum I tell him!

Hopping you say? Yes, that’s what you do when you only have one leg and your artificial one is propped up against the bedroom wall, you hop! I’ve become quite the “Mad Hopper”, as Jon likes to call me!

After the initial thought of what we just did came into play, I leaned up against the wall uncontrollably laughing, so hard I couldn’t get my breath! Jon was laughing, and I was still gasping for breath from the deep belly laughs! He says, " this has to be quite possibly the most retarded thing we have ever done." Ha!

He says, “You know when we have kids they are going to go to Kindergarten and show their teacher how to hop.” The teacher will look at them puzzled asking them where they learned to do that. As they hop around in circles singing their ABC’s, saying my mommy does it all the time!

I said, well at least they will do great in a sack race!
Jon: No, they won’t! They will have someone holding them up and slowing them down!

Oh, the craziness of my life and how I love every second of it!

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