Thursday, November 17, 2011

Share Your World Thursday

1. Did you have a favorite blanket or toy as a kid? If so, do you still have it??
I had this handmade baby doll that I received when I was 6 weeks old, her name is Lindsey. She has a pink crocheted blanket that is attached to her, half of her hand is chewed off from one of my dogs but I still have her. She was my “security blanket” for a lot of years.

2. I love it when my _______ does ________.
boyfriend (Jon) - his goofy imitations! It cracks me up and makes me smile when I’m having the worst day!

3. You're at a ball park. You have $5 in your pocket. You order...
Nachos w/ cheese and a Diet Coke! Ha, i think it evens out with the “Diet” thrown in there!

4. If you could have any celebrities 'voice' as the voice on your GPS, who would it be?
The Guy (Jake) off of Sweet Home Alabama, his voice just makes me swoon! I’m a sucker for Deep Southern voices.

5. Are you a messy sleeper or a neat sleeper?
Oh, I am a total messy sleeper! Pillows & Blankets end up on the floor. Somehow, the Fitted Sheet gets un-tucked and is hanging off the bed, I’m not sure what I do in the middle of the night! ha! 


Kristen479 said...

Oh my gosh girl I am with you on the "jake" voice!
That man's voice... I could just sit and listen to him talk for hours! I'd probably purposely get lost to hear him talk to me haha!

And my bed is the same way. I've been known to lose pillows from sleeping! Craziness :)

Diet coke sisters!

Kristin said...

There is a Diet Coke craze in this world! I wonder if there is "a lil sumn sumn" in there that we don't know about! HA!

Jessica Drew ♥ Stilettos & a fishing pole said...

JAKE!!!! You just made my skin move... Wow! He is really really REALLLLLLLY HOTT. The hottest man I know {not really} that is sexier dirty rather than clean. However, he is then too. GREAT choice. His smile too, gets me. I.LOVE.THAT.MOVIE!!!

Geez, I'm like super excited now. :)

Melissa Blake said...

I just have to comment on the sleeping question! I am such a neat sleeper....half the time, I wake up in the same position I fell asleep in!

Anonymous said...

I had a blanket when I was a kid. It was green & I toted it around for so long it had all kinds of fuzz balls. Mom said I used to pick the fuzz balls until I fell asleep.

Jake- Oh I swoon too :)

I'm a totally messy sleeper. I'm like you, wonder how that fitted sheet gets untucked LOL!

ellie said...

You can get nacho's and a drink at the ball park? What?!?!

meghan said...

I have a bear that I got when I was little called bear bear, and I still have him in my guest bedroom. He got me through so much. :)

And I think if I were at the ballpark I would get Dippin Dots, although the nachos and soda sound good too...