Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Day #10

Today I am thankful for my willingness to try new things and be adventurous!

 It makes life intriguing! My boyfriend is the avid hunter and outdoors man and I think it's wonderful! I believe more individuals in this world need to be able to fend for themselves if an emergency was to arise. With that being said, we eat lots of Wild Game meat, Venison being my absolute favorite! Tonight, I tried Rabbit for the first time. So delicious!



Maggie May said...

I'm a Southern girl too, happy to meet ya!!! I was born in Jackson, Mississippi :)))

Kristin said...

We save so much money by only eating deer meat. and we process it ourselves and don't add fat. so it's much healthier too. Love me some huntin'!!!

Carly Ann said...

Yes, I am so thankful that I wouldn't starve if something happened because my boyfriend is very woodsy... and I'm pretty resourceful myself ;)