Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Concert - Food - Girls Night

Good Tuesday Morning to ya! It’s rainy and cold here in Kentucky, we are in the #2 slot for the wettest year in history! Eeek! I’m definitely ready for some sunshine that’s for sure!

Friday - I came to work not feeling too great, and just not in the mood to be at work period. After being yelled at and profanity thrown my way from my “Co-worker”, I called it a day at lunchtime and went home. I got a phone call from Jon with pure excitement in his voice, he got a PROMOTION at work! I’m SO excited and proud for him! He’s only been at this job for a little over 2 years, and he is definitely deserving . He works his as off!

Friday night, my friend Lena & I went to a concert. A free concert at that! How can you go wrong with free, right!? Not to mention it’s an artist we both love! Chris Cagle. He’s a country music artist. Not to mention he’s pretty easy on the eyes, ha :). Off we went to this tiny ass bar called the “Tin Roof”, where there were only 6 tables in the whole joint. Sure, they had a bar but it wasn’t within seeing distance of the “stage”, so we stood pressed up against a wall. That place got packed, quickly! It was so much fun though! We sang along to all of his songs! 

*I didn't take this video, but found it on YouTube. I was standing right behind the dude filming.*

 Then we did a bit of shopping, neither one of us bought anything though! I was eying a pair of knee high boots, however they didn’t have my size. Bummer for me, fortunate for my wallet! 

We went to dinner at a place called “Saul Good Pub”, where I had Buffalo Chicken Wings and a salad. The decor in this restaurant was beautiful. There were mirrors hanging all over the walls, a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree in the middle of the restaurant, and an open kitchen towards the back. Of course after dinner we decided we needed ice cream, and went to Culvers for some custard.

These were SO hot! You could smell the "Fire" coming from the plate!

I’ve not had a girls night in a long while, so it was much needed and a lot of fun!


Moi said...

Girls' nights are the best! Also, congratulations on Jon's promotion - that's fantabulous!

Cranberry Morning said...

...and Culvers for custard. Good choice! Love their custard. :-) Sounds like a fun time.

Lena said...

catching up on my blogs I had a blast with you!!