Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Generosity & Charity

Good Morning!

It seems that with the Christmas season approaching people are more apt to give to charity, and be a bit more giving. Why is this? Hopefully today, you are in the giving mood!

My cousin, Chris, plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates and is constantly giving back to charity, helping the community. Amazing, right? He has been so very blessed in his life, and feels that it is the least that he could do by giving back to those less fortunate. One foundation that he has a loyalty to is the Make A Wish Foundation. He and his wife do whatever they can to help pediatric cancer patients, and next month his wife is running in a marathon to raise money, where 100% of the proceeds to go Pediatric Cancer Research. Why does his loyalty lie there, I'm sure you're wondering? Because of me. See, I am a Pediatric Cancer Survivor and he knows the hell and pain I endured, so it's way of trying to help.

I'm asking you today, if you are feeling generous to please help this wonderful cause! All donations can be sent to the address below:

Donations can be made through the Diamond Dust LLC, care of Chris Resop at P.O. Box 275, Naples, FL, 34106. Receipts are available upon request for tax purposes.

I would appreciate, as well as I know he would too, anything you can give. Even $10 can make a difference! What if the $10 you gave, found the cure for this horrible, evil disease!

*P.S. He doesn't know that I'm doing this! What a wonderful surprise to him, right?*

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Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! Is there another way to help? Just that I am not in the US and would love to participate, I think if we could all give a bit it would change so many things.
Take care.