Saturday, January 28, 2012


Why does your personality change? When I was younger than I am now, I was such a social butterfly. I couldn’t stand being at home, and wanted to be out and about doing something all the time. Now it’s completely different. Big crowds I’m not a fan of anymore, and if I go to an outing after a couple hours I am more than ready to come home. Is that strange?

I look at it, as just being content. Being happy at home, with the things that I love surrounding me. Tonight Jon and I went to a friends housewarming party. It was all either one of us could do, to pull ourselves out of our house to even go. We did go, and mingled for about 2 hours and after those 2 hours passed by I was more than ready to come home. As so was he. But that’s not a change for him, he’s a recluse and very quiet anyway.

Am I just settling into myself? Feeling completely comfortable in life? Or what exactly is it? I’m not sad or depressed about anything, as i know that will make you want to “hide” from everything in the outside world. I’m perplexed in this new personality change within me.

I yearn for solitude. To live where there are no neighbors, and I can only see trees and land on all 4 sides that surround me. I want to hear nature, not cars whizzing by. I want the option to go out into public and the crazy world, rather than being thrown out into it left fending for myself.

Tonight I’m just left wondering what has caused this change within me....

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Nicole said...

I am very much a homebody but I am very much a city girl as well! When the mood strikes I want to be 5 minutes from the action =D I don't think there is anything wrong with how you feel, a lot of times I force myself to be social when I would much rather be home with my husband =D