Sunday, February 12, 2012


Listening: To 60 Minutes, watching it with Jon. Wow, when did I learn to like this show? However, I loved the interview just done with Adele!

Eating: Nothing. Had a bowl of homemade chili earlier for dinner though.

Drinking: Fruit Punch. A staple in my house.

Wearing: Gray tank top and plaid pajama pants.

Feeling: Like I don't want this weekend to end. It was completely restful, and much needed.

Weather: Cold. 17 degrees cold.

Wanting: A vacation with Jon. Craving the western skies and mountain tops.

Needing: An adventure. Kinda goes along with "wanting" above.

Thinking: Nothing really, of importance anyway.

Enjoying: A quiet evening with Jon, awaiting the Grammy's, and snuggling with my cat under the blanket.

1 comment:

ladaisi said...

This sounds like the perfect weekend. So relaxing! Hope it was everything you wanted!