Thursday, December 26, 2013


The other day a friend of mine told me I needed to check out a video on YouTube. He must have known that I needed a "pick me up." Well, it is now one of my favorite videos of all time. If you need a source of inspiration, a belief in human beings, and the resilience of children, then watch this. You will cry, you will laugh, but more than anything you will be inspired. 

As a past cancer survivor, and childhood cancer survivor at that, this video really touched me. I could relate. My nurses were amazing. There were times we would take the BIG syringes and fill them with water to have water fights. There were specimen cups filled with apple juice, to freak intern nurses out when we drank them. There were afternoons where my hospital bed was covered in "GAK", do you remember that stuff? As well as my expensive leg brace, because well it was the first day that I had felt like lifting my head off the pillow in weeks. 

These nurses are amazing, and truly a gift from God. 

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