Sunday, December 15, 2013

Content Sunday

I woke up at noon today, NOON! I haven’t done that in…well, a long ass time. Me and my puppy passed out, she was snoring and well I was snoozing right along with her. The house was quiet, I was cozy under my blankets and I didn't want to get up.

I stumbled into the kitchen and found a cup of coffee on the stove, while the damn coffee pot was EMPTY. Damn it, i thought. I’ll heat up this cup, while a new pot is brewing. The microwave beeped, and I couldn't wait to taste the very first sip of the coffee. Ouch! Shit! Coffee went spewing everywhere, and I officially couldn't feel my tongue. Note to self: It just came out of the microwave. P.S. My tongue still hurts from that damn coffee!

A little breakfast of scrambled eggs and two pieces of toast slathered with pumpkin butter, and the Sex & The City Movie made my morning pretty alright. The rest of the day wasn't much more eventful.

Paid some bills, caught up on some of my TV shows on Hulu, and cooked dinner. Skyped with a friend and discovered some new music.

Not an exciting Sunday, but a content one. And that is something I’m thankful for after months of turmoil.

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