Tuesday, December 24, 2013

This or That - Holiday Edition

This or That Link Up

I'm linking up for the first time, and it being the last one of the year, for This & That! Join in on the fun!

1. Halloween or Thanksgiving? 
I'm going to say Thanksgiving. I love all the tasty food, and watching Football all day! Perfect! 

2. Christmas or your birthday? 
Christmas definitely! I love shopping for the gifts (most of the time), and seeing the person's reaction when they open the gift up! 

3. Visiting relatives or having relatives visit? 
I would love to be able to spend the Holidays with my relatives, but this doesn't happen because everyone is out of state. So having them visit, or going to visit, either one! 

4. Valentine’s Day or St. Patty’s Day? 
Valentine's Day is another day, and so commercialized! I'll go with St. Patty's day, there's GREEN beer! How could you go wrong!?

5. Black Friday or Cyber Monday? 
Cyber Monday, hands down. I REFUSE to fight the insanity of the crowds on Black Friday. There is NOTHING I need/want that bad to get trampled and lose my patience! 

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Candra @ Camo and Lipstick said...

Thanks for linking up! I'm glad you found us just in time!