Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Well, hello. It's been a long damn time since I've been here. I've felt lately that there is something "Missing" out of my life and I realized that I used to love to write. Now, I'm not the greatest writer out there but to be able to get my thoughts out of this jumbled mess in my head, well, it's freeing. It's a release. And honestly, I've missed it. 


Thinking: What I need to do when I get off of work. 

Enjoying:  A quiet office. This doesn't happen very often. 

Feeling: Content. That's a good feeling, I think!

Wearing: My Rusty Spur barrel racer shirt with hot pink sleeves. Skinny jeans. Flats

Needing: A vacation. Just for a couple days would do. I need to recharge.

Wanting: Good news from my appointment yesterday.

Listening: Cross Canadian Ragweed - Boys From Oklahoma 

Making: This blog, does that count? 

Eating: Nothing at the moment. 

Drinking: Water. Exciting, huh? 


Mandie said...

Yea for a posting from my Southern Bestie! Awhoo hoo!

You know, you could always venture up to Sconnie for a little getaway - Polito's, cheese & beer! :D

Kristine said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for good news for you!