Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Letter's

Dear D: Thank you for your hard work ethic and always striving for more. I know that sometimes I get frustrated and upset that you don't take care of yourself and slow down to smell the "roses", but please know I appreciate it. Dear Early Morning Drive: Thank you. I needed you this morning. Watching the sunrise in my rearview mirror with Civil Wars on the radio,  was the perfect medicine. Dear Grouchy Self: I've not been a fan of you lately. I'm not sure what has brought you on, but please go away. However, thank you for making me dig deep to find the beauty that surrounds me. Maybe that's why you're here, to make me appreciate more. Dear D: Thank you for always greeting me with a hug & a kiss. You're excitement to see me, always warms my heart. Your gestures never go unnoticed.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

No Diet Day? Count me in!

Thank goodness I don't have a refrigerator at work crammed full of junk food, because today would have been one of those days that it would have ended up being EMPTY! I blame it on that ol' lovely visit from "Aunt Flo". C'mon ladies you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, please just humor me! 
All I could set my mind on today was chocolate, junk food & soda. And hello, I rarely even drink soda! I refrained all day. 

Oh, you know...Greek Yogurt for breakfast
Healthy Choice Steamer for Lunch
And a handful of peanuts for a snack. 
And a shit ton of water. 

They say water helps curb your appetite. Today that theory was right out the damn window! My body wasn't hearing it! 

So after all that great eating for the day....what do I do? Well, of course what any other raging hormonal girl does. I head to the local mexican joint for a margarita & mexican food! 

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Hey, does it count that it's National No Diet Day? 

That's my story & I'm sticking to it! 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Musical Monday

I'm joining my lovely "Yankee Bestie", on her weekly Musical Monday Posts. This song reminds me of summertime in a small town. Summertime for me when I was younger. Flying down the back roads. The windows down with the radio cranked. Laughter & Smiles. And, of course a cold beverage. This song just makes me HAPPY!

Life Update

The lady in my office the other day said, you aren't happy here are you? It's not that I'm not happy here, it's just that I'm itching for more.  My job is wonderful. Sure they get on my ever last nerve sometimes and I want to chuck my stapler at them, but honestly, they treat me so good. They make me laugh, they greet me with smiles, they seriously went over the top for my birthday and well, they just geniunely care. They let me "set" my own hours for the most part, and as long as my job gets done they really don't care what I do. Seriously, how did I get so lucky? 

My living situation isn't what I hoped it was, but for now it suffices. I miss my own space. I've lived on my own since I was 19. It's hard to be back home living with my mom, but it's the best place for me at this time. Or well, it was when I moved back here. I didn't need to be out on my own. I needed my mom. That may sound juvenile, but the truth is the truth. I was in a dark place and well, I sure as hell didn't need to be alone to try and dig myself out of it. I have done some house hunting but nothing has turned up. Patience is a virtue, right? Too bad I have none right now. I want a house like.....yesterday!

I have enough money to pay my bills and am slowly building my savings back up again. I have a puppy who makes me laugh so hard every single day. I have learned this past year who my friends are and who they aren't. Unfortunately, they have dwindled considerably but that seems to happen when we get older, doesn't it? The ones I do have well, they are amazing! I feel blessed every single day to call them just that. 

I have been volunteering for an organization that provides emotional and financial support to pediatric cancer patients & their families here locally, and will soon be taking that over. It may be a lot to bite off but it's something that I have such a huge passion for, so I am so very excited! I signed up for online classes back earlier in the year, but after feeling so overwhelmed I withdrew. I've been seriously considering signing back up again. I need that extra push in my life. I love my job but I want more. 

Do we always want more? Or are we ever just content with all the blessings around us? I guess that's what makes life, I'll figure out what that itch is, in the meantime I'll keep stepping forward each and every single day.