Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Letter's

Dear D: Thank you for your hard work ethic and always striving for more. I know that sometimes I get frustrated and upset that you don't take care of yourself and slow down to smell the "roses", but please know I appreciate it. Dear Early Morning Drive: Thank you. I needed you this morning. Watching the sunrise in my rearview mirror with Civil Wars on the radio,  was the perfect medicine. Dear Grouchy Self: I've not been a fan of you lately. I'm not sure what has brought you on, but please go away. However, thank you for making me dig deep to find the beauty that surrounds me. Maybe that's why you're here, to make me appreciate more. Dear D: Thank you for always greeting me with a hug & a kiss. You're excitement to see me, always warms my heart. Your gestures never go unnoticed.


1 comment:

Mandie said...

Awww...sweet. You should show him this, I think. :)