Thursday, June 12, 2014

Daily Letter's

Dear D: The other night I learned that the center of your forehead is the hardest part of your body. Apparently if you get hit dead square in the head, you can break someone's hand? Thank you for teaching me to duck if I ever have a punch headed my way! Dear Gym: My nightly date with you this past week has been amazing. Thank you for making me sweat places I didn't know existed and blowing off much needed steam. I appreciate you, even though I'm pretty sure I can't walk this morning. Dear Self: Learning to open up and not hold everything in has done amazing things for my mental well being this week. Thank you for helping me push my stubbornness aside.  Dear D: Our really long talk on Monday night was probably my favorite conversation with you, yet! Thank you for encouraging me to always just be myself. I adore you! 

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Mandie said...

I love this letter "thank you notes", they are awesome & really make you think about the good things going on around you. :)