Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Letters - 06.18.14

Dear D: Your face last night as you were opening your birthday presents was priceless. I loved seeing such pure joy on your face. Thank you for reminding me why it's completely worth it to put so much thought into gifts.  Dear Co-Worker: Thank you for my sausage biscuit & diet Mtn. Dew that you bring me every Wednesday. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Dear Boss: Yesterday you asked me if I was going to Hawaii since I was wearing a maxi dress. Thank you for reminding me sometimes it's fun to switch my wardrobe up! This morning you said I should've worn it today as I would've knocked the "Guy's socks off". Thank you for making me feel pretty! Dear D: Last night I learned that you will fight someone over your Mom's oatmeal cookies. I love learning new things about you! You fed your cows last night and I was the gate lady. Thank you for letting me be your sidekick for a little while. 

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